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  • Sticky's Avatar
    05-25-2016, 06:13 AM
    In the N54 world there are three transmissions mated to the motor as sold by BMW. There is a manual 6-speed, dual clutch transmission, and an automatic from ZF (ZF Friedrichshafen AG) which has six speeds and has the model name 6HP21. High power N54's have thus far been relegated to the manual transmission as the clutch can easily be upgraded. The dual clutch transmission is in far less N54 powered cars and although upgrades are available the amount of DCT guys pushing big power with a huge single turbo for example is relatively small at least as it pertains to N54 motors. The odd man out has been the automatic yet it is numerically the option with the most cars on the road. Why? Why has the automatic been so tough to upgrade? Well, there are a few reasons. For one, nobody has (until now) cracked the TCU or transmission control unit. Additionally, even if you have software control of the transmission there really are not any serious material upgrades that can hold big torque from say a big turbo kit. Oh, sure, people will point to Level 10 transmission upgrades but the reality is Level 10 is only an option to replace factory parts and get a broken transmission working again. They have never demonstrated an ability to hold the kind of power the manuals hold. That is where Propulsive Dynamics comes in. Their proprietary G3 material works in concert with Kolene Steels, a proprietary patent-pend bi-metallic bushing alloy and increased surface area in the holding clutches, to result in an increase in holding capacity of 30.4%. This friction increase is not some number pulled out of thin air but a result of SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) testing. Pretty awesome stuff, right? There is much more information to come but for now rest assured automatic N54 fans that a serious upgrade that can handle whatever you throw at it is on the horizon. That means we will finally see N54's take that next step forward especially when it comes to times on the drag strip. Is 2016 the year of the N54 automatic? It sure is shaping up that way.
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  • Stucks's Avatar
    05-24-2016, 11:35 AM
    Stucks started a thread Nizpro cracked N54 6AT tcu? in N54
    Apparently it has been officially stated that Nizpro in Australia has finally cracked the 6AT tcu and will be able to flash them. If this is in fact true, i wonder what the future holds for us 6AT guys. I also wonder if the flashing will work with those of us who already have level 10 valve bodies and converters. Interesting and fun times ahead.
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  • Enfiftyfore's Avatar
    05-24-2016, 08:44 AM
    After installing my new clutch/fly and tranny mounts, it is very apparent that my engine mounts are rekt. I need to replace them asap. I have read through the few DIY's but I just wanted to see if anybody has any protips for this job. Also, is there any real noticeable benefit to choosing is "is" mounts over the regular? Ito just the right one that can be "upgraded" to "is", right?
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  • Chris@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    05-25-2016, 02:53 AM
    Hey Everyone, Itís about time for some exciting announcements from VTT. This has been a long time coming! As most of you know, I've taken over online representation for Vargas -but that's not the only thing I do for fun. The overarching announcement is that VTT is now one piece of a bigger group; Vargas Performance Group, or VPG. There are 3 major parts of VPG: 1: VTT (Vargas Turbocharger Technologies): Turbocharger Manufacture/Repair/Upgrades/Sales 2: VPP (Vargas Performance Products): Performance Parts Manufacture/Sales 3: VHP (Vargas Hi Performance): Turbocharger & Performance Parts Installation/Service Iíll quickly go over some announcements as they pertain to each category: VTT NEWS GC's: This is the one many of you have been waiting for. You know the ones -the stock location twin turbo setup that made 736 whp. Just look at the power under the curve! Street spool will be even better! The VTT GCís have started arriving and the first sets have shipped. We expect a second shipment shortly and the remainder of them by the first week in June. The plan is to quickly get caught up on all existing orders and soon after be in a position such that they are available for same day shipping. Note for those who got the ceramic coating; as of this week, itís adding around a week to the ship date. Bundles: GCís can now be bundled with installation ($1000 for inst. labor at VHP, more on that later) and/or a PTF tune ($249 for a MHD tune, $499 for a MHD tune with PI) 93 Octane Testing: I know there are some unfortunate souls out there who don't have access to E85 and for whatever reason don't want to use methanol. For them, we WILL be doing some pump gas testing. Expect this late 2nd quarter/very early 3rd quarter (read that: around July).I don't even want to speculate on dyno numbers -we'll find out while testing and post those results. VPP NEWS Vargas Performance Products. These are all teasers -think of this post as a quick look into the VPP crystal ball looking forward. Here are a few things in the works for VPP and one thing we're just too excited about not to share: Line Lock Kit: Here are a couple development pics -not final config by any means. This will fit all E9X and E8X, not sure about 535's or Z4's -we'll be looking for testers there down the road. Port Injection Plate with Top Mount Injectors: Anyone say they wanted an N54 port injection kit with top mount injectors? We heard you, and we agree -if you can fit them, top mounts are worth doing. We can and we are. ~3rd quarter 2016. S55 Love: We're not just playing with N54's here... the S55 gets some love too -how about some port injection (bottom mount -no room up top)? Oh, and GC's for the S55 are already in process -very late 2016/early 2017 release on those. Transmission Fun: By now everyone and their grandmother has heard the awesome news about Nizpro and the magic they're doing with transmissions. We're working directly with them and will have one the first fully built and flashed transmissions from them. While this (obviously) isn't a VPP product, we're very excited about this and have some high hopes for this really being a huge jump forward for the platform. VHP NEWS Wouldn't you rather have your turbos installed by the same guys who made them? A shop that understands turbos and has 100+ installs under their belts? If you're within driving distance of Hayward, CA, you can buy turbos, schedule an install, and have VHP install them for $1000 labor. Of course you still need to buy your gaskets (we have an installation kit for $230) and do an oil change while you're there, but it makes for a pretty good deal -especially after the GC's are in stock and available same-day. OTHER STUFF Expect more updates with more products, more accurate ship-by dates and more options for everyone. And I'm just getting started... Chris
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    05-24-2016, 08:27 PM
    Here is the scenario. You work overseas and have a Porsche 996 Turbo. You see a classified ad go up from Vivid Racing for a 4.0 liter stroker short block advertised with a new crank, new pistons, new rings, new Darton sleeves, new gaskets, etc. Sounds good right? Especially considering the advertised $10k price is less than doing this all yourself and assembling all the parts and having the block sleeved. So what is the problem? The customer did not get what was advertised: Basically, what was advertised as new and in great condition simply was not true. Not to mention the scuffed and rusted liners with marks in the flange which he asks Vivid to replace. Vivid says Darton is responsible and Darton says they sold this to Vivid over 2 years ago and who knows what happened since then. Darton is right in this instance, they can not be expected to replace parts Vivid messed with or did not store properly. The solution here is very simple. Vivid should replace the parts, right? Well, they didn't. Rather than replacing the damaged sleeves Vivid is willing to sell more at cost since Darton won't be suckered into paying for Vivid's mistakes and should not be expected to. Vivid knew they were selling something that was not brand new and perfect as advertised and they just wanted to pass this onto a sucker who would have to shell out more out of pocket to get it working. That line about exceeding customer expectations and satisfactions is just a load of horse shit or a sick joke. This is honestly nothing new with Vivid. They will exaggerate or misrepresent things to make sales. We have seen it before such as when they claimed 407 wheel horsepower from a BMW S65 V8 with their tune on a Mustang dyno which is impossible unless one messes with the correction factor which they clearly did to exaggerate the capability of the tune they were selling. Vivid is all about making money and they do not seem to care how they get it. They basically just ship a lot of parts to a lot of people. It's why they acquired the HPF (Horsepower Freaks) name to simply utilize another brand to ship more and more parts from their warehouse. The bottom line is they don't give a crap about their customers and won't do the right thing if it means money out of their pockets. Think this is an isolated incident? Read this 60 page thread on Vivid's business practices which goes from praise to horro stories in a hurry: Why do people keep going to them? Caveat Emptor.
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  • DOCRace's Avatar
    05-27-2016, 01:38 PM
    Just want to say thank you first of all to all owners of our single turbo and also to all supporters. The response and feedback have been great and I am glad to say this is personally my favorite product I sell here. I take great pride in each and everyone of these kits that leave my shop. So there are a good amount of kit owners now out there. Some Bimmerboost members and some not but all can play. I am giving cash prizes for anyone with our kit that can provide us with dyno sheets and videos. I hope this will help promote our kits as well as help anyone trying to stay in budget for their builds, I know how pricey things can get. The prizes are listed below and to redeem I will need you to email me with a list of parts you have on your car as well as a dyno sheet, a video, and a picture of your engine bay. I'm sure there are a few of you that are close if not ready to redeem a prize, come and get them:music-rockout: $100- Dyno video/sheet showing 600whp+ $250- Dyno video/sheet showing 700whp+ $500- Dyno video/sheet showing 800whp+ $1000- Dyno video/sheet showing 900whp+ $1500- Dyno video/sheet showing 1000whp+
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    05-26-2016, 08:16 AM
    These are some very quick numbers as recorded by EVO magazine. Magazine times and actual drag strip timeslips are quite different but these numbers are not shocking considering what the F80 M3 and F82 M4 are capable of in stock form on the dragstrip. The M4 GTS takes the standard M4 recipe and improves on it by stripping out a couple hundred pounds thanks to extended use of CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic). The S55 engine also gets a water injection system and a power bump to 500 horsepower. Considering the standard M4 S55 motor is already making in the 500 horsepower range with dyno results showing 427 to the wheels the M4 GTS is likely at 450+ to the wheels. Despite the additional aerodynamic drag caused by the wing which increases downforce the M4 GTS accelerates very well. Under 8 seconds to 100 miles per hour was supercar territory not too long ago. Do these test numbers make the car worth $134,200? No way. Throw a tune on your M4 and be done with it if acceleration is what you are after. Actually, maybe hold off accelerating in an S55 equipped car entirely considering the engine issues.
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  • psychosinmylobby's Avatar
    05-26-2016, 07:36 PM
    Hey guys, It seems that there are more and more reports on rod bearing failures so I am starting this thread to understand which factors correlate the most to failures of rod bearings in N54s. As our engines age, this may be an impending issue if we don't address it. I am hoping to collect data to find the common factors to this issue which will help us prevent it. The most obvious factor is oil dilution. Please read this if you want to know more: So for those of you who had rod bearing failures please answer the following questions: Which N54 car do you drive (Model and Transmission) Miles on the car/engine when the rod bearing failure was detected What HP/TQ were you running when you detected a rod bearing failure (Name the modifications if you don't know.) How many miles were you running the previously stated setup What tune / who tuned Did you have leaky injectors What fuel did you run Did you often turn the car off before it reached operating temperature (short trips) Did you idle the car a lot What is your OCI (Oil Change Interval) What kind of oil and viscosity do you use External factors (e.x. Shop forgot to put oil back) Much Appreciated!
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    05-26-2016, 06:36 AM
    Great numbers here and he Doc Race single turbo kit for the BMW N54 motor continues to impress. This particular E92 335i is running a Comp 6267 turbocharger and boost is 23-24 psi on a 93 octane and methanol map and it goes up to 26 psi on an E30 tuned map. Here are the specs: 132k miles on the clock -93 and meth map is 23-24psi -the E30 map is 23psi ramping up to 26psi at redline. -100% Meth on both maps Mods: -Doc Race Twin Scroll manifold -JB Comp 6267 -JB4 -BMS Meth Kit -Boost Addictions Custom Calibration Very solid numbers here and obviously the methanol is a big part of it. With the meth it is possible to have an easy 600+ wheel horsepower 335i daily driver. The Doc Race kits continue to impress and reports thus far are of quality fitment and parts. Definitely a solid option in the crowded N54 market.
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  • Terry@BMS's Avatar
    05-26-2016, 05:31 PM
    Hey guys, Spent a couple hours on the dyno today with our 2012 335is DCT development car. The car is 100% stock except for a dual cone intake. The car is running 91 octane fuel with no octane booster or E85 mixed in. Otherwise known as the worst gas you can tune for. All runs done in 5th gear. Temps in the 70s. First up was testing on the stock tuning for a baseline. The JB4 was installed by in "flash only" mode for logging purposes only. e.g. white subconnector left stock and JB4 on mode 4/4 so it can't influence the tuning at all. I was surprised by how choppy the timing was on the factory tuning. That's 91 octane fuel for you. I've seen the 335is factory tune go anywhere from 315whp to 335whp on 93 octane so we're at least in the ballpark here. Since the car was in "flash only" mode I decided to give the MHD v6 Stage1 ACN map a whirl. We frequently test competitive maps to ensure our customers are getting the best product available. In this case the off the shelf flash map was disappointing. We work with MHD on back end flash stuff and always look to maintain a positive relationship so I'll leave it at I think this specific map needs more work. Next up I flashed it back to stock, reinstalled the JB4 in full control mode, and grabbed a few runs on JB4 map2 and map5. I failed to capture one in JB4 only map1 although as I'm writing this I wish I had. Results were about as expected. Good power across the board with timing drops fairly similar to the stock mapping. If I had taken the time to do more runs on map5 I suspect it would have detuned itself a bit. Finally I loaded up the ina0s PUMP back end flash map and did a couple runs on JB4 map1. After these runs I spent another hour working on ina0s BEF improvements but I'm not quite ready to share info on that yet. But as a cliff notes I was able to get timing a little more stable and fix the torque limiter causing timing to go negative at 3000rpm. Still, these runs/logs on the currently available map provides a good indicator of where the JB4+BEF 91 octane DCT tuning is currently.
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  • Aaron's Avatar
    05-28-2016, 07:39 PM
    It was a fun day overall, but a complete waste of $100. I got about 4 laps in before blowing off a charge pipe that ended my day. It was fun though, would've liked for the rain not be fall down on the track, but I don't complain about rain! As usual the fastest cars there had the slowest drivers.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    05-26-2016, 02:59 AM
    Whoa there McLaren! Not so fast. This talk coming from McLaren boss Ron Dennis sounds pretty good. He said, "I honestly believe that the next world champions after Mercedes will be McLaren. We'll get to that goal before other people." Will they though? McLaren has not won a race since the Brazilian Grand Prix in 2012. Mercedes-AMG won the Formula 1 championship in 2014 and 2015. Is this year really shaping up any differently? The only thing that stopped Mercedes-AMG from winning the last race was their own drivers crashing into each other. The upcoming Monaco Grand Prix this Sunday is only the sixth race of the calendar so it is more than mathematically possible for someone to catch and pass Mercedes-AMG in the standings: It just does not look like it will be McLaren that does it. Only Ferrari and Red Bull seem to be putting up any kind of fight and Mercedes is still dominating. Realistically, McLaren doesn't have a shot until next year and Ron Dennis knows it. Plus, Honda really needs to improve their motor. Good luck with that. Source
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    05-23-2016, 07:14 PM
    Well, if you want maximum naturally aspirated power this is not a bad way to go. The LS7 V8 is more than twice the size of the 3.2 liter I6 the BMW E46 M3 comes with. The S54 is arguably the best I6 BMW produced so it is a shame to see it ditched but it is also fun to see different things. The LS swap into a BMW of course is nothing new as the LS1 has been done. A guy is even doing an E90 LS1 swap with a single turbocharger on top to boot. People have done E46 M3 LS swaps and then supercharged them. For maximum naturally aspirated horsepower though the LS7 is probably the best choice as the Viper V10 isn't going to fit. The LS7 does though and this guy did some nice custom fab work especially with the headers to get everything to fit nicely. It will be nice to see the finished product in action. Source
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  • manbeer's Avatar
    05-24-2016, 10:27 AM
    Have the typical signs of a bad solenoid. It's hard to justify the 200 dollars or so for a pair of oem solenoids when for a few dollars more I could buy something like this In theory, it should be a simple part and these should do the same thing, right? Anyone have any thoughts? They look to be made of billet aluminum and have MAC valves which are made for industrial use so they may be a bit more robust. Aside from modifying the harness and finding a good mounting solution, does it seem worthwhile?
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  • pr3ci5n335i's Avatar
    05-24-2016, 02:45 AM
    These came from my 2010 E90 M 335i AT (production date 09/09). I decided not to build this motor and I purchased another engine that is now in my car. I was going to hang on to these parts for my future build but that's not going to be for awhile and they're taking up to much space. I'm located in SoCal (Fallbrook, CA) if you want to see the parts in person and/or pick them up. As far as shipping, we'll have to discuss that if you're interested. 1.Block $600 USD 2.Crank $500 3.Head (oil cooler thermostat included. Turbo heat shield included (back portion has been trimmed to fit my TFT rear inlet pipe)) $750 4.Oil Pan (oil level indicator included) $350 5.Fuel Line Supply (bolts on to the head) $90
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    05-27-2016, 10:33 AM
    Welcome Ingalls89, take a look around, I think you will like what you see.
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  • Eurocharged's Avatar
    05-26-2016, 01:30 PM
    This BMW M4 is turning up the boost with a new pair of upgraded Pure Turbos, new downpipes, high flow filters, and a custom Eurocharged dyno tune. Can't wait to hear this monster go wide open throttle! :awesome: ‪#‎Eurocharged‬ ‪#‎Performance‬ ‪#‎BMW‬ ‪#‎M4‬ ‪#‎PureTurbos‬ ‪#‎Downpipes‬ ‪#‎Dyno‬‪#‎Tune‬ ‪#‎Custom‬ ‪#‎Boost‬ ‪#‎Boosting‬ ‪#‎Boosted‬
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  • sudo4re's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:58 PM
    sudo4re started a thread Torqbyte Meth Controller in N54
    Has anyone used or have any experience with this meth controller?
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    05-28-2016, 10:28 PM
    On paper this is a huge mismatch. The 997 GT2 RS model makes 612 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque from its twin turbocharged 3.6 liter flat-6 motor. Not to mention it weighs 150 pounds less than a standard GT2 coming in at 3085 pounds. The 991 generation 911 models do not have a GT2 variant. They do have the GT3 RS though which has 500 horsepower from its naturally aspirated and direct injected 4.0 liter flat-6 along with 338 lb-ft of torque. It's 22 pounds lighter than a 991 GT3 coming in at roughly 3150 pounds. The GT2 RS has a ton more power and torque and it weighs less. The only wildcard here is that the GT2 RS has a manual transmission and the GT3 RS has a PDK dual clutch transmission. They run a few times and the GT3 RS seems to get the jump each time. The GT2 RS owner looks like he can use some help shifting. The GT3 RS gets a nice lead only for the GT2 RS to come back and pull like crazy up top. With an even start this isn't even a race. The PDK certainly helps things down low. Regardless, the GT3 RS is not made for straight line racing. It's still fun to see the difference between the two.
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  • Eurocharged's Avatar
    05-26-2016, 01:28 PM
    Eurocharged started a thread F32,F33,F36,F82,F83: M4 with upgraded Pure Turbos in 4 Series and M4
    This BMW M4 is turning up the boost with a new pair of upgraded Pure Turbos, new downpipes, high flow filters, and a custom Eurocharged dyno tune. Can't wait to hear this monster go wide open throttle! ‪#‎Eurocharged‬ ‪#‎Performance‬ ‪#‎BMW‬ ‪#‎M4‬ ‪#‎PureTurbos‬ ‪#‎Downpipes‬ ‪#‎Dyno‬‪#‎Tune‬ ‪#‎Custom‬ ‪#‎Boost‬ ‪#‎Boosting‬ ‪#‎Boosted‬
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  • NniftyFour's Avatar
    05-27-2016, 08:27 PM
    Anyone have a spare head? I need a usable core to give to Alex at ABR. PM me. Someone in the Northeast would be preferable.
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  • eric84405's Avatar
    05-25-2016, 11:30 PM
    My 2009 535 got totaled when an old guy ran a light and t-boned me, I took my cryogenic frozen rotors and pads off the car as they only had 500 miles on them. I forgot to take the cable that interfaces with the i-drive to tell you how much mileage you have left on the brakes. Can I use the ones from the brakes I am now replacing? Thanks. Eric
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  • lfelunden's Avatar
    05-26-2016, 06:24 PM
    Both cars are stock! Pretty impressive for the M2 even at high speeds. I think a simple drop-in filter would do wonders :awesome:
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  • ryantpayton's Avatar
    05-28-2016, 04:58 PM
    ryantpayton started a thread N55: Need help with JB4 in N55 and N52
    Hey everyone. I have a 2013 BMW 335i xDrive F30 N55. I am looking into the JB4 for my car but I cannot seem to understand which type I need. This is what I am looking at: // It shows me on the website to see if I have a A type or B type. It looks like I may have a B type harness but when I go to select an option. Those types are only for 5/6/X series... I have a 3 series so it's asking me if I have a Pneumatic or Electronic Wastegate. And thus I am confused. Please excuse my lack of knowledge and if someone could clear this up for me I would be very grateful lol
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    05-26-2016, 03:39 AM
    These two are siblings in a sense as they are both part of the Volkswagen Auto Group but they are aimed at different audiences. The Panamera Turbo is slightly smaller and more of an M5 mid-size competitor whereas the S8 is a larger luxury sedan that goes up against the 7-Series and S-Class. While the S8 is larger the weight between the two is actually close with the Audi coming in roughly 40 pounds heavier. Both are all wheel drive but the Panamera feature a dual clutch transmission. The issue for the Panamera Turbo is its V8 design is long in the tooth especially when compared to the Audi 4.0 TFSI V8. It's why Porsche developed a new 4.0 twin turbo V8 similar in design to the Audi 4.0 TFSI V8 motor which will replace the Panamera 4.8 liter mill. The S8 Plus gets a boost to 605 horsepower as well so it has the Panamera Turbo easily outgunned here. The Panamera Turbo hangs in surprisingly well but the S8 Plus takes it. It's definitely time for the Panamera to get a new engine and new chassis.
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  • markbimmer's Avatar
    05-24-2016, 01:43 PM
    markbimmer started a thread E65/E66: 06 750Li N62B48 in 7 Series
    Might have posted in the wrong section, technically I am N62TU. I am rebuilding my N62B48 that I am keeping progress on bimmerfest and I know there is not much resources on the web. I originally wanted to just keep this thing stock but considering prices are pretty close going with OE piston/rods or JE Pistons/Pauter Rods (custom made) I figure might as well not go with the aftermarket forged internals. Now I wanted to keep this car for a long time and since I am rebuilding to like new condition I want to hit at least 200k easy. I hear aftermarket forged internals dont last as long as OE so what do yall guys think on that? Another question was a port and polish job, I have the block and heads at a reputable machine shop right now and the heads are getting a valve job so the P&P was just another might as well. I am polishing the crank, making sure the block is in tip-top shape, and replacing all bearings, along with oil pump, gaskets, etc.
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