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  • Stucks's Avatar
    Today, 10:12 AM
    I saw mitch over the weekend and spoke with him in person. Basically, sit tight lol. CPE has a lot of stuff going on with other platforms and has sort of put this on the back burner for a while. Should be done in a little while though.
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Today, 10:10 AM
    Hey somedumbhipster: :text-welcomewave:
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Today, 09:43 AM
    MylesGarib, we appreciate you taking the time to join.
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Today, 09:27 AM
    Welcome to a real enthusiast forum weasle.
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  • fredcase's Avatar
    Today, 08:39 AM
    I'm in a similar situation. I have decided to make my own wastegate parts. I am currently researching the best suitable stainless steel for this application.
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Today, 07:59 AM
    AlenaWatts, we appreciate you taking the time to join.
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Today, 07:46 AM
    Hey goonieman: :text-welcomewave:
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Today, 07:24 AM
    NorineMcBr, we appreciate you taking the time to join.
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  • DavidV's Avatar
    Today, 06:52 AM
    Hailstorm during the 24H Nürburgring Nordschleife 2016 caused the race to be temporarely red flagged.
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  • Dubai Steve's Avatar
    Today, 05:25 AM
    Hey there guys, Sorry to revive this old thread, but I need some advice on this manifold adapter kit and would like to know if its still available and compatible with the idea I have in mind. I prefer my car to remain naturally aspirated, but really want to install the CSL look alike carbon intake, with Turner Motorsport Stage 3 cams, bosch 24lb injectors, complete exhaust system. My target is a modest 300bhp on the engine. On Ebay, there are very neat CSL replica intake manifolds made to fit the S50B30 or S50B32 Euro engines. I was thinking that this intake mated to the manifold adapter kit in this thread would work on my 1995 model S50B30 US engine. I'd appreciate any feedback and comments from those of you more technically inclined than I am. Thanks in advance. Stephen Sorry I cannot upload the ebay link as I don't have enough stars to upload links. I'm very new here.
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  • Donvittorio's Avatar
    Today, 05:23 AM
    So the pedal is stiffer than a Spec 3+? I am actually more curious about the engagement of the clutch. How is the takeoff in 1st gear? How grabby is the clutch? I can live with a stiffer pedal and chatter but i want to know how the drivability is like in trafic, around town, etc.? There is always a tradeoff with a clutch but i dont want a on-off switch.
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  • Flinchy's Avatar
    Today, 05:16 AM
    I don't think an upgraded waste gate wears out fast enough to warrant the effort, expense, lack of oem control, safety etc of the conversion Lots of effort for minimal change really
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  • CS@MFactory's Avatar
    Today, 04:57 AM
    All PMs replied to :)
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  • CS@MFactory's Avatar
    Today, 04:55 AM
    All PMs replied to :)
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  • CS@MFactory's Avatar
    Today, 04:53 AM
    It will be a more stiffer pedal feel and you will have chattering noise from the discs. ;).
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Today, 04:37 AM
    Welcome Wwon008, take a look around, I think you will like what you see.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 03:32 AM
    So I keep doing research on this stuff and I'm trying to figure out why pellet grills are looked down upon? They seem to be so much easier. Just plug it in, set the temp, and that's it. Something like a Weber Smokey Mountain seems much more difficult especially with controlling the temp. I guess people just see charcoal as manlier or more authentic.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 02:55 AM
    Not too many guys have upgraded the turbos on these. Probably worried about the driveline/transmission. I think you made a typo, S63 is the engine. Keep in mind the F10 M5 has the S63TU so you won't see the same kind of gains. I think you'll be fine with an upgrade as long as you don't get too greedy @Gixxerboy63
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  • cloud9blue's Avatar
    Today, 02:38 AM
    Posted this on N54tech, but figure it would get more response here. Planning to upgrade the stock snails in the foreseeable future. But aside from the usual quality control issue with the CHRAs that gets vented on these forum all the time, the wear rate on the wastegate assembly (flapper valve and pivot bushings to be more specific) on these stockframe turbos is a bit of concern as well. From my understand, the excess wear and eventual play, which causes the awful rattle that high mileage N54 is known for, is mostly due to the actuator setup on these turbos. Instead of staying close at idle and low load scenarios, the wastegates on our turbo would stay open and only fully close during spool. This demands a lot of back and forth movement on the assembly over time and leads to the rapid wear on the stock assembly, and even on the so called upgraded ones on the aftermarket ones. I mean, come on, how come wastegate rattle and excessive play is so common with n54 turbos, but not nearly as much on other platforms's OEM turbos with internal wastagates that have been around even longer(VAG, Evo/STI, etc.) So why don't we just convert the stockframe wastegate to the usual setup, by using mac solenoid used for the single turbo setup, and an aftermarket wastegate actuators like one of these ( Can imagine this would be a difficult thing to do, since one only need to modify the existing brackets for holding the stock actuator, and fabricate the pushrods connecting the actuator to the wastegate lever. So here are my questions - How can we set up the vacuum line for this to work? I suppose we can just bypass stock boost solenoid all together and hook up the MAC solenoid, the one that is being sold on BMS with the PnP adaptor, directly to the WG actuator and the vacuum pump. - The diagram on the N54tech thread ( shows that the vacuum source is the inlet port of the turbo compressor, which doesn't produce a constant vacuum pressure, instead of the vacuum pump, which does. Would that affect things? Please guys, don't convince me to go single turbo instead, lol. As much as I like having incredible top end and ridiculous amount of peak hp, I have plenty of reasons to stay with stockframe hybrid and below 500whp instead. Hell, I don't even plan on installing inlets, lol.
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Today, 02:18 AM
    Welcome to a real enthusiast forum Adriane92.
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Today, 01:16 AM
    Welcome to a real enthusiast forum Luc135.
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  • The Convert's Avatar
    Today, 01:09 AM
    The Convert replied to a thread Torqbyte Meth Controller in N54
    You gonna start running 25 degrees of advance and toluene blended fuel too? Lol
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  • SCGT's Avatar
    Today, 12:41 AM
    SCGT replied to a thread MHD vs Cobb in N54
    That makes sense -I didn't have any android devices kicking around, which is surprising since I'm not an Apple fan, but it is what it is. None the less a basic Nexus 7 works well and is ~$100 online. Not a big deal.
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  • Gmanuel11's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:56 PM
    Haha it could have been if someone else wasn't a bit quicker on the draw.
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  • Gmanuel11's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:52 PM
    Charge pipe is vrsf brand. Only had it for about 6 or 7 months, and bought it brand new. All you need is some hosing to mount the DVs. Updating all prices; if the price is not mentioned, the item has been sold. RBs: $2k. They need a rebuild (just wear), so it'll run you 2750 total. Cobb V2: $200 Chargepipe: $120 DCI : $65 All prices are shipped prices. The RBs, I can ship to Rob, or to you, your choice. All items are off the car, so if you want pics, let me know.
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  • Nugs's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:34 PM
    Hate to nitpick but you need to get closer to the wheel, your arms shouldn't' be stretched all the way out like that. Also try and keep your hands on the same position (9&3) on the wheel at all times, it's easier to make steering corrections and keep track of which way your front wheels are pointing.
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:30 PM
    Welcome achilles223, take a look around, I think you will like what you see.
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  • TwistedTuning's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:47 PM
    TwistedTuning replied to a thread MHD vs Cobb in N54
    I've left my Dcan Cable plugged in for days without driving the car. and i never came to the car with a dead battery. thats just me though. I've noticed that it turns off when the ECU goes to sleep. not sure if thats any help to you. In terms of the charging thing. I believe MHD was made with the convenience in mind of not needing to have an extra device to be able to flash, log, and etc. your car. Made with the thought that most people already have Android devices anyway. hell i have like 3 or 4 spares ive accumulated over the years, lol. So i could leave one in the car permanently, but ive never been one to leave electronics in the car when im not using it. Just me tho. But like posted above, there are options for charging.
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