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  • subaru335i's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:41 AM
    With all of the awesome progress lately on the N54 tuning/flashing side of things I have gotten extremely jealous :). As most of us know the cobb flashing capabilities are in the stone age in comparison to even the cobb support for N54 (no vanos tables defined even, etc etc). Not to mention how handicapped we are compared to the new stuff that is being added to the N54 xdf's. Cobb has pretty clearly abandoned the BMW flashing game and are just riding on their good reputation now. jyamona suggested putting a list together of people interested in furthering the N55 tuning so someone like @martial@mhd might be interested in adding N55 support to the MHD app (or anyone else with the necessary know how and skills). I would certainly ditch my Cobb and pay for an app or whatever if I could edit and define my own tables and flash the DME over OBD and not be stuck with what cobb decided was "good enough". Chime in here if you are in the same boat and are interested in seeing this progress. Obviously the E9x N55's will be easiest (as cobb already proved they are flashable) but there are certainly a lot more F3x N55 cars out there so the ability to flash those cars at all would increase demand significantly. Thanks guys!
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  • Mrpikolo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:53 PM
    This should go without saying: Choose your oil filter wisely. This even includes reputation name brands, such as Bosch. Today, I am going to show you why some things are not always as they appear to be. About 5 or so years ago, Bosch came into the North American market with a new line of filters. These filters quickly went into all the big box auto parts stores. Advertising as high quality aftermarket replacements. What many people may not know, is they are not manufactured by Bosch at all. Bosch filters, at least largely in the North American market, are manufactured by Purolator. I have known this since they first came out. A couple months ago, I decided to go with one. I usually use a Wix filter, but I was feeling a little adventurous. Plus, the Bosch was advertised with a synthetic media, while pretty much all Wix filters use a high quality paper media. A couple weeks later, I noticed I was leaking oil out of my filter cap. No big deal, I assumed I failed at tightening it up correctly. First I took the filter cap off to make sure I had an o-ring on it, and noticed something strange.... Wait... that top piece isn't suppose to be there.... Interesting...Looks to be like my filter likes my cage, and it's slightly distorted After a few minutes with a screw driver, and quite a bit of force I was able to separate the two pieces again. Yup, not only did my filter collapse in on itself, it also decided to get a divorce from it's base. There you have it. After about 2000 miles of driving, this BOSCH filter, which is suppose to last 15k(OE change interval), failed. Thankfully, I had no other issues result cause of this. I replaced it with a Wix filter and am having no issues. My professional opinion: Do not use ANY filter aside from an O.E. manufacture. Mahl, MANN, Wix, Fleetgaurd, ect are all O.E. manufacture lines. Stay away from Purolator, Champ(champ makes a lot of filters. K&N, Mobile, Pennzoil, most house branded, Royal Purple), and Fram.
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  • alex@ABRhouston's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:30 PM
    Budget: 3,000 bucks. Desire: run 3 monitors for racing simulator. Case only. This doesn't include /steering wheel/ monitors/keyboard/mouse/speakers/etc.etc. Sound will be pushed into surround sound via HDMI off of onboard sound card. Thinking 32g ram, I7 4gig, liquid cooler, and GeForce GTX 980 Ti nice case with cooling, 250G SSD for OS and 2TB for storage. go :music-rockout:
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:40 PM
    We get feedback like this almost daily, but people rarely post it on the forums, figured I would share a little of it. All work was done by a very high end German shop called EuroWise they could not have been happier with the way everything fit, and performed once installed. If you are considering going with VTT, you can do do confidently! As always thanks for the support! "Hi Tony, Just got back the car recently and took it easy for the first couple of hundred miles. I was able to log some pulls for Dzenno today and I am very happy with how the car keeps pulling up top now. I'll definitely get on a dyno for some 93oct and e50 pulls once Dzenno and I are satisfied with the tunes. I chatted with the folks over at Eurowise for a bit and they said that the inlets fit very, very well. It was a pain, but everything was just right haha. They're also shipping the cores back for me so just let me know if the box is missing any info. Thanks! Bryan"
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  • pobudz's Avatar
    Today, 12:20 AM
    Finally got around to going back to the dyno today. Arizona :( 109F inside the dyno room. New mods since last making 698/660 (~80*F): ADE 800whp FMIC CSF Racing radiator Back to the 3.08, quaife lsd New center support bearing MHD Tune w/ converted Cobb E50 map to get to the gas station, and baseline E85 (some back story on this one) YAY no more mixing! So... I spent the morning prepping the car. I was going to switch to heat range 8 plugs, ngk 6706's, so I put those in. Gapped them at .017. Had some issues with misfiring... car just didn't feel right on the way to the dyno. Hardly got into boost on the drive to the dyno. I get there and decide to swap back to my 5992s (brought them just in case... and I wasn't even a boyscout). I find... this: With the help of a friend, we got the porcelain cleared out with a shop vac by breaking it down using a socket. The little pieces were stuck in the gap between the spark plug base and the nut. Eventually got onto the dyno... ... which was partially broken (no torque read out). So... we focused on just getting the tune done and not on numbers. We got as high as 32psi tapering to 28psi. WGDC ended up maxed out on the 15lb wastegate spring. We ended up sticking with 25psi. I can move to a 20lb spring or get a 4 port mac solenoid according to Jake@MOTIV. I will be trying out the 4 port first. We are also toying with the possibility of a bigger exhaust housing (currently .82, moving to ~1.02) for more air. This is e85 (no mixing), at 110* ambient air: Comparison of the previous runs prior to NoFlyZone (3.46 final drive vs 3.08 final drive): Ended up making the same power, with less boost, on e85. MHD and AEM are working very well together :) The tablet I have works out nicely too... I'll update this thread with GoPro footage later on (Jake dumped some extra fuel in up top :awesome:). Martial discovered a way to convert a Cobb flash. Jake was working with him directly, I guess he ended up flashing my Cobb tune to his car and then pulled it out as a .bin using something else.. MHD maybe. I didn't get details... Talk to Jake @ MOTIV or Martial of MHD if you are curious. The car feels F'n AMAZING. Once I got on to the freeway and started having fun, I realized that EVERYTHING was just so much smoother. I don't know if it was MHD, no more 91, or finally getting retuned in general. HUGE thanks to Jake for once again mastering the art of remote tuning. Teamviewer ftw. Datazap: Sorry... no AEM logs :)
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  • Setra's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:24 AM
    Hi guys! So I'm back home after some amazing days in Nürburg. My wife and I attended the DN12 trackday. We had a great time and the car ran without problem both days. Thought I'd share some pics and videos with you guys. Here's the car ready on the trailer before the 1350 km trip down to Nürburg When we arrived in Nürburg the weather was beautiful and we did a trackwalk. I had the car corner balanced and alligned at Getspeed the day before the trackday. They also did a good check of the general condition on the car and ended up changing the front wheel bearings as well. Super friendly and skilled guys. I highly recomend them for check on your car before attending a full trackday. Darren from the trackday administrator had a good drivers briefing with us. Actually the whole first trackday went by without any crashes, that's pretty rare at the Nordschleife. My wife and I had some lovely meals at Pistenklause When you're in Nürburg you see cars that you don't see elsewhere. Like this one.. Here's a couple of pics from the track Made a video with highlights from the trip. (Hope you can see it in the US as it says on youtube that it's blocked in some countries) I've posted about my fastest lap earlier, but thought I'd share another onboard video with you as well. All in all I had the best vacation ever. Nürburg is such a unique place and if you haven't been there yet I highly recomend a visit :handgestures-thumb:
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    Yesterday, 06:38 AM
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:39 PM
    The all wheel drive Tesla Model S P85D is very quick for a sedan especially below 100 miles per hour where its 864 lb-ft of torque at the wheels makes for a formidable stoplight car. The McLaren 650S is also very formidable with a much stronger top end punch. What does that mean? It means this race goes down like most P85D races where the Tesla sedan has a slight lead and then the top end horsepower of the internal combustion car it is racing takes over. This race is far closer off the line than the others though as the 650S gets a slight advantage on the launch. The Tesla hangs in for a bit even pulling slightly down low but it's quickly over as the 650S pulls away effortlessly. It is not even close as the 650S puts bus lengths on the P85D. Considering the 650S Spider is quicker than an Aventador there is no surprise in the outcome except that the 650S launches very well and even off the line the Tesla can't open up any real advantage unless it gets the jump as it did in the second race. Note that this is not the 'Ludicrous Mode' upgrade coming from Tesla but all the new mode can do is delay the inevitable as you see here.
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  •'s Avatar
    Today, 01:12 AM
    I yesterday flashed back to the "stock" OEM like map , to do some baseline logging. And i noticed something strange. I found some "old" posts on the internet concerning this issue. but it was not conclusive to me when switching gears on a MT , mostly from 3th to 4th gear. the DME pulls negative timing on various cyl. As far as i can find in the logs there is no real explanation why. The older posts state that is has something to do with the load request, or the DTC / DSC traction control setting. but i hadn't time yet to figure that out or log it Anybody some knowledge on this ? Here is the log : ( 2 log files )
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    Yesterday, 08:24 PM
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