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  • Terry@BMS's Avatar
    01-23-2016, 01:37 AM
    Hey guys, Had a chance to get on the dyno with Payam today for some random dyno testing. We initially were planning on testing out the new 4bar TMAP sensor with a 40psi boost curve. Unfortunately we ran in to problems with the car misfiring, and the 12psi WG springs maxing out around 36psi, and we only were able to put down ~790whp. 4bar works awesome at least. Luckily we also had some new VANOS tables created by 3000gtMR to test out while it was strapped down. We decided to do the testing at 20psi which meant fewer runs were aborted due to misfiring in cyl6. All runs were started at 1500rpm in 4th. Attached is a representative torque trace from each of three VANOS curves so we can evaluate spool. The red line is the "tried and true" Cobb values that most of us use currently. The green line is Chris's first shot. Which dramatically improved spool but had power nosing off over 4500rpm. So we made some additional tweaks which retained the improved spool while getting some of the top end back. After a couple hrs on the dyno we called it a day. But this 3rd set which I'm posting here we think will be the hot ticket. Worth noting this is a large turbo so these changes need to be evaluated on a wider range of turbos and manifolds. When time permits I'll do similar spool testing on our MOTIV 750 kit. If anyone is bored feel free to test em out.
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  • elijahcole92's Avatar
    01-17-2016, 08:45 PM
    Hey all, So i'm pretty tired of dealing with smoking rbs and was thinking of getting a single kit to replace them. However, I'm pretty picky and would only change the setup if i kept similar low-end and spool. Therefore i need help from you wonderful people. I choose rbs because they seemed to make 400ft lbs and full boost sooner than all the other hybrid and i'm not looking for 650hp+ but i've always hated the sound of hybrids and LOVE open wastegate setups. My current setup made 622 on e50 at 26psi maxed out hpfp. So i'm just looking for right at 600hp but i need to find a turbo/setup that can make the same tq just as early. Here's my current dyno sheet, and i'm making 20psi around 2800-2900rpm on the street in 4th. (at 3k in 3rd)! In the past i've ran a SP QSV on both a 900hp Supra and 500hp Civic that greatly increased the spool and low end tq curve. The gt35r civic spooled faster than a 30r :awesome: Seen here: However, i don't know if i could make this work with any of the current manifold/kit offerings. Any links to fast spooling singles is appreciated too
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    01-29-2016, 12:05 PM
    Decided to get the car ready for big power once we get the built motor back, and throw the stage 3 back on it. Bought the Radium triple surge tank, 3 Walbro 450's, and was able to tuck it into the trunk cubby for a completely stealth system that can easily support 1000-1200WHP on 100% E85. I have each pump wired to a relay, one pump is triggered by the factory signal, second pump comes in at 10 psi, 3rd at 20 psi. Took quite a bit of work, but to me this is the cleanest way, everything in the tank stays nice and stock except one return fitting, and the rest is hidden from view, and extremely quiet. Couldn't be happier with the set up, and honestly it cost me around $1200 to do it not counting my labor, that's not bad considering what other kits cost. If anyone has any specific questions on how its set up, I would be happy to answer them. Basically this is the break down. Stock pump feeds stock filter, which feeds surge tank, 3 pumps into a 3 to 1 Y fitting. Three -6 in one -8 out. -8 all the way to the FPR, then -8 out of the FPR -8 to dual -6 Y fitting, one -6 up to shotgun, one -6 to PI. -6 return from FPR to surge tank, -6 from surge tank to driver bucket. Anyone trying to make real power on these motors is going to need a fuel system like this, until a real double or triple drop in option is available
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    01-21-2016, 01:10 PM
    Sorry for the small graph that is all they posted. Also no torque figures which are important on the S55 engine. Other flash tuners are getting much more than this 444 to the wheels:
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    02-02-2016, 09:32 PM
    VTT is proud to announce our new cast turbocharger samples arrived today. I can say seeing my vision, and direction put into motion, and finally seeing a working production turbocharger is a really great feeling. These turbochargers we hope will shape the landscape of the N54 turbocharger market, and we are happy to share them with you, bringing you a true stock frame location turbo with no compromises. We will be installing, tuning, and testing these in the next couple weeks, and once we have the data, and numbers. We will be making a full announcement thread, with pricing, availability, buy back incentives, specs, as well as our plans for a giveaway. Until then, here are a few photos, we will post some more one we get it on the engine, and installed! Stay Tuned, things are about to get interesting...:music-rockout:
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  • NniftyFour's Avatar
    01-29-2016, 03:13 PM
    NniftyFour started a thread Advantages of DI vs PI in N54
    So I wanted to start a thread to discuss what advantages we could have running just DI. Only because I do believe if we all want it it could possibly happen. I'm also going to have to supplement my fuel system this spring and at the very least want to learn a bit about the safety, so dual purpose. 1. Safety/cut off- So as I understand it there's two control schemes for PI right now. AIC6 by itself and AIC6 controlled by JB4. Using AIC6 if the DME cuts fuel I'd assume the only reference's AIC6 has is boost reading and spark timing. So it would have to wait until it recognizes boost falling then react to that and cut PI. I'm not sure how quickly it'll pick up on the loss of spark, maybe thats faster and it uses that? Wouldn't we end up with several combustion events where the motor is running on just PI.. So super lean? JB4 is great and maybe Terry can answer but I doubt throwing that in the mix is gonna make it react that much faster. Power- Would we make significantly more power using just DI? Obviously the atomization would be a lot better. I know that's good for efficiency and a better burn but at high load levels would there be a difference in power output? It would be more resilient to knock at least right? Letting us feel comfortable with tossing some more timing perhaps? Or even just helping to eliminate timing drops. Head Flow- Our intake tract was obviously designed for just air, not a fuel air mix. Therefore our runners are quite small. Not an issue I'll run into, more for you big single guys but pretty soon won't you guys run out of head flow. N54 is at what ~860whp max currently. At what point do these runners just run out of flow? I'm sure there's math that can be done but I'd imagine looking at them we have to be close at this point. I'm sure you could port the head to expand the working range some but at the loss of low end drivability and possibly throwing the intake cam optimization out of wack.. Which can't be fixed because aftermarket cams that play nice with VANOS don't seem to exist. Just seems like the most complicated path to be going down. What we know about our fuel system. Injectors- Our injectors are huge to allow the motor to run on just low pressure fuel (72 psi) in case of a HPFP failure. Theoretically our injectors should be good for 1000whp easily. We also know that raising injection pressure is NOT recommended, a Continental engineer made it clear he wouldn't raise the pressure due to leaking concerns. Injection window is the likely cure here and injectors shouldn't be an issue. LPFP- there's obviously plenty of solutions for this. Including Vargas's custom 1200hp system. Non issue. HPFP- This is where our problems lye. Our HPFP are mechanically driven and run out of breath fairly quickly. They also historically aren't that reliable. It's important to realize how they're not reliable. Our pumps consist of a mechanical bellow pump directly driven by the Engine. This is at set ratio compared to the motor and output rises with engine RPM. Fuel flow is therefore controlled by an electrical valve. The fuel control valve (FCV), THIS is what fails on our HPFP NOT the mechanical element. Vargas turbo has come up with a possible solution. The solution is to drive the pump at a faster ratio compared to the Engine, this is done by moving the driving force from an internal chain in the engine to on the accessory belt. This shouldn't play into the HPFP failures we've seen as once again the problem has been with the electrical control valve which is uneffected by this change. Pump weaf has not been an issue stock and Tony says hes tested it for over a year on the same pump. I know not everyone loves Vargas but this approach IMO might be the best one. This is good for 550whp on E85 or less. (Ethanol seems a requirement at this point) The other solution would be leaving the OEM pump alone and adding a second pump in Vargas shotgun fashion. I believe this would be our ultimate solution. Theoretically should be good for ~900whp. Enough that anyone wanting more then that could use port injection. (Remember at 900whp our intake would only be carrying the air, not the air plus about 350whp of fuel, allowing margin for PI) these real OG guys looking for that power could deal with the associated sketchyness that we deal with now, thats life at the top. Now the FCV system is complicated so running anything other then OEM pumps doesn't look likely for us. Even running two OEM pumps seems to trip up the DME. Jyamona thinks he can work on that though.. And that's something I'd love to see, so what do you guys think? Personally the possible lag in control of the PI erks me and I dont really like it.
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  • mmmcookies335's Avatar
    02-01-2016, 10:51 AM
    Replaced my valve cover yesterday, threw the old one away. Realized on the way to work I forgot to replace my RB PCV valve.... dumbass. What was your fuck up of the day?
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  • ricecrackers101's Avatar
    02-02-2016, 12:59 PM
    These have been out for a while now. any have dyno results posted yet? only result i've found so far is for a 1/4 mile run. 10.9@133
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  • rac's Avatar
    01-11-2016, 07:05 AM
    rac started a thread Hexon 2+ RR700 Dyno in N54
    Taken from facebook page. Most of you will note the stock catback reference being incorrect, someone posted that on facebook already. "For guys been fellowing our page and other hexon threads probably have seen a lot of great tuning works on upgraded turbos setup from Ken and his team. I personally want to thanks to Ken again for pulling this first RR700 test result together so quickly during the holiday season for Hexon. So, I give you guys the very first dynojet result of Hexon BMW N54 Hybrid 2+ RR700. Result: 654.10 RWHP & 612.99 RWTQ @28psi. Here is his setup: '07 E92 Sport AT - HEXON Hybrid 2+, TFT Intake, ADE FMIC, MOTIV PI, Fuel-IT Stage 3 Hulk LPFP, Haltech by AD Engineering (PI Control), 3" Catless DPs, Stock Cat-Back Exhaust, Stock Hot Side Charge Pipe. Ken's side note: "I think it's safe to say the new Stage 2+ turbos should be called the RR700's. For a stock frame turbo, they truly move a lot of air and spool super quick. Unfortunately I think I'm hitting a limit with my stock cat-back exhaust. I don't know anyone else that is making over 600 whp on stock exhaust. I also had a plug going bad and couldn't push it any harder due to misfires. Not every dyno session goes as well as you would like for it to go. We were shooting for 700 whp, but... I honestly believe there is another 50+ whp to be had with a good set of plugs, more time for tuning VANOS, upgraded exhaust, and upgrade hot side charge pipe. Only a matter of time & money". We're hoping to get back on the dyno again very soon once the exhaust and hot side CP are upgraded, the plugs replaced."
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  • jyamona@motiv's Avatar
    02-02-2016, 01:17 PM
    jyamona@motiv started a thread DI Tuning Discussion in N54
    Hey guys, moving the discussion to it's own thread, as it has the potential to be very beneficial :) Here's some data I have gathered, and a peek into some table data as well. As some of you know, the N54 as 3 different injections strategies, illustrated below: Mass Fuel Flow (MFF) into the cylinder is based off three things: fuel pressure, injector lift, and injector opening duration. Fuel Pressure: This is the HPFP rail pressure, essentially. It gets trickier due to the VCV (volume control valve) which is PWM controlled by the DME (may end up w/ a separate thread / topic for control of this). Skipping for now. Injector Lift: The DI injectors are Piezo. This means they have a stack of piezo crystals in them, which when energized, make the injection needle "lift" a certain amount. The amount of lift can vary, based on how much of the piezo stack is energized. From what I have seen, the N54 only uses two variations here, a low energy mode, and a high energy mode. I believe it uses these modes correctly already, so there is probably not much to be gained here. Injector Duration: The SOI / EOI (start / end of injection) is based on °KW, which is the German abbrev for degrees of crank rotation. They treat the full combustion cycle as 720°. To start this off, and keep it as simple as possible for now, I'll stick with single injection mode. Therefore injector duration calculation will be determined by 2 of 3 tables: Start of Injection #1 , then either the low energy or high energy opening duration pressure compensation table. The values for these can be seen below: Units for Start of Injection are X: RPM, Y: MFF (Load?), Z: °CRK Units for Injection Durations (low/high): X: mg/stk, Y: MPa (rail pressure?), Z: ms Do these values seem logical? The SOI seems reasonable to me. The only thing I'm questioning is the injection duration last two columns. Discuss!
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  • Sam@ActiveAutowerke's Avatar
    02-03-2016, 03:59 PM
    Hi, my name is Sam Morgan and have recently joined the salesteam at Active Autowerke. Active leads the industry in service and modifying your BMW. I drive a 2008 135i named Nancy. Almost every turbo setup available to the public has been on my car giving me an edge the competitors simply cannot match. You can contact me at Sam@activeautowekre.comor 305-233-9300 ext. 229. Or you canjust call and ask for Sam! I will beglad to connect you with some of the best BMW performance engineers in the country.
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  • spectacula's Avatar
    01-22-2016, 10:00 AM
    I was searching for a turbo manifold and came across this company on Facebook. They seem to have a kit that works on the xi so I'm assuming it works for all models. I am not affiliated with this company. It's nice to see we have another option that is priced decently for the guys not looking to spend so much. Maybe we can get them here and get some more info on this.
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  • ///Monst3r's Avatar
    01-11-2016, 12:51 AM
    So I feel my car has always been kind of a runt. On pump 92 meth it only made 400/440 (know this dyno reads low though) with stock turbos 19psi. I was getting pulled by tune only 5.0's. Installed a custom gtx35r and it felt really fast pulled on a few fast cars. Fuel is the main problem, always resorted to a lot of meth and torco. I wont lie I beat the hell out of my car and its my daily. Wanted to run with some higher hp cars and get more on pump so I went with jpworks and 6466. I've been having tuning issues the whole time though. The last 2 oil changes I have been finding a lot of metal on the magnetic plug and now have smoking issues I never had before. I think the new 6466 is smoking (Miss the reliability of garrett) but could be other things with my more recent findings. Here is a vid of the last race I ran with a ess e92 m3. The car ran fine before this but I did just recently add a cm10/12 setup instead of the single cm14 I was running and bumped boost from 24# to 27#. I was getting tons of wheel spin even with 295 r888's and then towards the end of the run the dreaded subbie sound. I can usually just restart the car or clear the codes in the jb4 but this time it would not go away and along with limp code was cyl 6 misfire. Limped the car home and pulled the plugs to find this on 6 all the rest were fine. Replaced all the plugs with m4 plugs gapped to .022 and now started getting misfires on other cylinders. Thinking it may be coils now. Did a compression test and got 180,120,150,150,150,150. Didn't see and obvious piston damage with scope. I have never had a misfire on cyl 2 as long as I've had the car now timing drops on 2 (normally its 5).lThe big problem is ever since I ran stocks my car would rarely throw to safety map even when I'd have obvious issues, sometimes it would just backfire and restart the jb4 destroying the log as well. Whenever I did post logs I was told that they were fine from multiple sources. I'm guessing the problem may be from the recently installed port injection and larger meth concentration. I was under the impression that 0 on afr with integration disabled PI when in actuality it just turns it down.(That's what I get for assuming)
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    01-18-2016, 11:58 AM
    Sticky started a thread Ghost cam? in N54
    Care to explain in more detail BoostAddict?
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    02-06-2016, 05:57 PM
    Many of you do not seem to understand what took place or why. The idea was to give back to the community as we have several times. Additionally, to get exposure for BimmerBoost. This website is not obligated to give anyone any free parts but we have done many giveaways in the past to show appreciation for the userbase. I contacted Rob well before the RB EVO turbos were ready asking if he would like to help the community. Rob graciously agreed to discount a set of turbos but told me the turbos were not out yet and that he had people waiting and already paid up for set. I published information on these turbochargers for the benefit of the community before they were released. We had a contest and the contest expired before these turbos were released. I decided to extend the contest further but the dates I chose still did not align with development. The contest expired before the turbos could be delivered to the contest winner. That was the end of that. Now, some vendors have taken this as meaning Rob did something wrong. He did nothing wrong. He fulfilled the orders of his customers AS HE SHOULD. How you would feel having ordered and paid for a set of turbos only to be informed you would have to experience a delay due to a forum contest? Is that fair? No. Now, everyone had the best of intentions here. It did not work out as planned. That happens sometimes. The main thing is for Rob to worry about his business. That is his priority. Despite attacks and people accusing Rob of doing something wrong he is STILL WILLING to participate in a giveaway. I'm surprised as if I were him I'd tell people to go pound sand after the insults sent his way for doing nothing more than wanting to help. Once again, Rob did nothing wrong. We can revisit this and hold a new contest but the way people are acting is turning me off as well. I proposed a bigger and better giveaway that would include all of our vendors with you, the user, choosing what you want on your car. Unfortunately, some vendors want to do their own thing and own giveaway instead of participating. That is fine. That is their prerogative. However, it does make organizing things difficult. In summation, Rob did nothing wrong, contributed greatly, and did everything he was supposed to do and then some. It is not his fault development time and delivery time did not align with a contest that was not of his making. Everyone simply wanted to help. Nobody deserves any blame.
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  • Terry@BMS's Avatar
    01-21-2016, 03:28 PM
    Hey guys, Due to increasing demand we've finally added 4bar support to the N54 JB4. This allows logging and control of up to 43.5psi. Perfect for those single turbo guys looking to break parts! We've sourced a Bosch sensor that is fully plug and play and made a PNP harness adapter for a simple direct fit. Each kit includes two orings. A smaller and a larger. We found the larger fits the CPE CP bung better. But other CPs may be tighter on the TMAP flange. So we'll just ship them with both orings. In addition we give you an extra 8x32-5/8" long screw to attach the sensor. This is the correct size for the CPE chargepipe. If your chargepipe uses a metric or different size you'll need to source your own 1/4" longer screw to accommodate the sensor. The 4bar requires the latest JB4 firmware (v126 for single turbo, v32.1 for hybrid turbos) and the latest JB4 interface. Donnie has added support to JB4 Mobile as well in the latest build. To enable you'll set 3.5bar TMAP to 2 as opposed to 1 for the 3.5bar N20 sensor. There is a chance we'll need to modify the IAT voltage tables within the back end flash for proper intake temperature reading although bench testing has shown the sensor appears to use the same intake temp profile as the factory sensor. So we should be good there. We'll need some logs from warmer climates to fully evaluate that aspect and if any back end flash map changes are required for reading intake temperatures we'll post them. The best news is we were able to buy the sensors in bulk to get the price down. The kit is $99 including the sensor. While it's mainly for large single turbo cars the 4bar can be used with OEM & hybrid turbos, if someone wants the convenience of buying a sensor & adapter harness in one shot. There is not much of a resolution drop between this sensor and the 3.5bar N20. We'll continue to support both the 3.5bar and this 4bar in all JB4 versions going forward.
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    01-27-2016, 03:14 PM
    To everyone waiting for the charge pipe to be done, we have test fit the 335, and /135/535/Z4 versions, and they fit great! :dance:The RHD is out for test fitting right now, and we expect the same results!The charge pipes are now LIVE on the website. Pricing is $249 MSRP, but we will do an intro price of $199 for 7 days, if you would like to purchase at this price, please use purchase code VTTSILCP, you must register for the website for the coupon to work! We are also doing an awesome bundle deal, Inlets, and Silicone CP for $499 total! This is a great price, and this will be a set bundle price, that will not go away! If anyone has any questions please let us know, 20 CP's are on order, and we expect them in 2-3 weeks. The site is accepting pre-orders now, so reserve your spot in the first batch! Thanks! VTT
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  • JerryT's Avatar
    01-17-2016, 03:25 PM
    JerryT started a thread 30 Psi 6466 Jpworks kit in N54
    So i think i found one of my problems with this car. Started throwing misfires in all cylinders on the dyno and put down a low 550whp at 24 psi but would not rev all the way to redline for some reason. So i decided to pull the NGK plugs and notice cylinder 5 plug. So i decided to throw the stock oem plugs back in. Car runs alot better than it did with NGK as you see in the logs below 30 psi runs great to redline BUT i still got a misfire in cylinder 5 i believe i have a bad injector for cylinder 5.
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  • Evan Patak's Avatar
    01-27-2016, 07:46 PM
    Greetings, I am installing this manifold on my buddies 6466 335xi. This PI-Manifold in conjunction with a Fuel-It Stg 3 LPFP, lines, and ethanol sensor will be responsible for fuel duty. I have heard positive feedback about the manifold and am excited to get it installed. When researching this product I didn't find an abundance of detailed pictures so hopefully people interested will find these helpful. Evan
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  • ///Monst3r's Avatar
    01-11-2016, 01:43 AM
    20 roll (m3 camera car) 26# pump+meth Got some crazy spinning even with 295 r888's but 295/30/19. Need more side wall so planing on running a 275/40-45/16 m/t setup. Feathered the throttle a little and got back in it, reeled him in easy and pulled hard from there.
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  • Chris@Boost Concepts Inc's Avatar
    02-07-2016, 10:49 PM
    To all Forum Members, Boost Concepts is proud to introduce it first product for the N54 N55 135i and 335i platform. We have been working for the last 7 months to bring this product to market to offer a high quality affordable solution to those wanting to upgrade their LPFP and enjoy the benefits of higher ethanol content fuel mixtures and the associated performance increases it offers. The FPM-1 DIY LPFP kit was designed from the ground up to have perfect fitment in the factory bucket, withstand the harsh nature of ethanol fuels with 100% ethanol compatible materials, be easy to install with full video documentation and come complete with all hardware to complete the installation by most if not all enthusiasts with a DIY mindset. The pump when completed has 100% OEM plug and play fitment with the factory fuel line and electrical connections for easy servicing. This kit solves the headache of core charges and tying up your valuable modding budget. The kit Utilizes a genuine Walbro 450lph e85 fuel pump for excellent reliability and performance. The kit comes pre-assembled and positioned for easy installation which takes between 1-2.5 hours depending on technical skill level. It includes a complimentary fuel tank lid ring removal tool so you won't have to wrestle the tank with the wrong tools. We felt the best approach was to keep production of this product discrete through its design, alpha and beta testing and hold off on announcing its official offering until all results were in its lengthy 6 month Beta testing period had concluded. We are happy to report that 100% of our beta testers reported zero issues and excellent performance from the kits. With tht said, finally the day has arrived to announce and we are happy to report that we are currently stocking kits for orders with only a 3-4 day shipping lead time. We hope to have kits fully assembled for same day shipping within the next 2 weeks, but could resist the opportunity to announce on Superbowl Sunday. We appreciate your patience and understanding. A special thank you to our Beta Testers who were diligent in reporting, and communication during the testing period. We never could have done it without you! Hopefully they will chime in with their 3rd party experience as customers, installers and enthusiast end users. And for those interested in our product more information is available on our newly launched website, Facebook page and Instagram account linked below: #boostconceptsinc For those curious about the installation, you can view the installation video series on our Youtube channel linked under the product description on our website. We were pretty detailed and made it as a follow along to simplify the process and show exactly what is required to install the pump kit. And here are some of our pictures from along the journey of bringing the product to market. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, we are glad to help in any way that we can! ****Edit Note**** It was recently brought to my attention that there is a demand for a Plug n Play bucket assembly as well. This was actually the original model for this product but during Beta testing 80% strongly requested to have it as a DIY to avoid the hassles of core charges and to maximize cost savings. So here is what I am going to do, I will add an option to have a Plug n play bucket assembly. Cost will be $349 and includes the lid ring tool, shipping will be what ever USPS calculates for size and weight which I will determine this week to add to the website. Hopefully this will give those who don't feel comfortable giving the DIY a try an option to still save some money and have the same performance as the DIY kit. Would love your thoughts and feedback on this! Thanks, Chris
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  • Artsoasis's Avatar
    01-27-2016, 02:43 AM
    Artsoasis started a thread DCT and High boost in N54
    I decided to make this post to keep DCT owners informed on what I have learned about running high boost on a DCT car. I currently own a 335is with Stage 2 +20T turbos, port injection, inlets, and supporting mods. Here is what I have found out so far: MHD currently has issues once you raise the boost ceiling on an INAOS map. This puts a cap on your boost level at 21 PSI. Below are data logs of my car with the stock boost ceiling increased. You can see my trans struggles to shift due to the issue with MHD. It even causes the car to lose boost on some shifts. This is not a mechanical slip and is directly being caused by MHD. Martial is working on a fix, but no word on a release date. My trans has yet to slip at 535 whp level when I was using cobb. I'll keep pushing until I notice any slipping and dyno to get an estimate of what power level causes the stock trans to slip. I will wait a few more weeks, but I will go the JB4 route around mid February. Hopefully Terry can square me away. The only car I have seen running high boost with DCT is a euro 335i that has upgraded clutches, turbos and uses JB4+BEF. His car uses a custom tuned Trebila BEF and JB4. I think he is able to get away without any issues because it's using the stock boost ceiling and having JB4 control boost. Please post your experiences using DCT and high boost. I get the feeling the high HP cars with DCT will soon hold all of the 1/4 records.
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  • sA x sKy's Avatar
    01-15-2016, 12:17 AM
    Thought I'd post this here since TPG isn't on these forums:
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  • paradoxical3's Avatar
    01-19-2016, 06:44 PM
    For a long time, a few guys on various forums and myself have been working on figuring out how to code off the electronic nannies that these cars have. Even with DTC an DSC off, there are still tons of safety systems in place - many of which I was not aware of until I started doing research. Now that I have coded all of them off in my car, I thought it would be useful to compile the information into one place. This would have really helped me when I was trying to figure it all out. Things I have actually disabled and tested myself on the race track: Electronic Differential Engine Power Reduction to Prevent Brake Disc Overheating Brake Fading Compensation Hydraulic Brake Assist Maximum Brake Support Brake Standby Dynamic Performance Control Some of these are interfering everyday during normal driving, such as hydraulic brake assist. I didn't even notice it until I turned it off and had an "Eureka" moment. All of these things suck for track use and spirited driving. Some of these will not be new to you, but at least it is all written down for easy reference in one place with results of me actually testing the coding on track. With advances in tuning allowing these cars to start making some real power, it will be beneficial to many enthusiasts to know which DSC parameters do what (they are still active even if DSC And DTC are turned off) and what you need to code out to disable them. You can read the full description of the nannies and the proper setting to turn them off at my One Lap of America blog: Hope it helps!
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    01-22-2016, 09:24 PM
    BimmerBoost member @cryptocar has a 2013 F30 335xi. These models are equipped with the N55 turbo motor. A fairly well known problem is the BMW oem charge pipe fails. It happens with stock boost and on stock cars and not just on modified examples. @cryptocar's car was modded with the Dinan Stage I tune. A weak tune, as we already demonstrated in an N55 tuning dyno comparison. Due to the Dinan tune on the car and their claim the charge pipe doesn't break unless messed with the dealer refused to warranty the charge pipe which is a $450 part and dealers charge up to $500 to replace it. @cryptocar could not get the dealer to warranty the part and Dinan was not any help. Here's a quick overview: Frustrating right? Dealer won't warranty the part as they can say the car is modded and Dinan refuses to help as they say this is a common failure on the N55. Let's get some more details: So he is out the money on the charge pipe and labor which he should not be. The illusion of the Dinan warranty safety net with BMW is exactly that, an illusion. It is a strong marketing ploy and that is primarily how they use it. The first thing BMW, Dinan, and basically any of these companies these days will do is try to get out of honoring a warranty. They have people and departments dedicated to this task. Ask yourself this question. What is the point of paying more for a Dinan product that is supposedly safer if Dinan will hang you out to dry blaming BMW and BMW will hang you out to dry for running the Dinan product? Even if it is a BMW dealer that sells Dinan parts? You would be in the same position with any other part from anyone else, wouldn't you? Ultimately, what wins out is not honoring if the warranty if they can get away with it. They got away with it.
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    01-23-2016, 12:21 PM
    Honestly Fuel-It you guys do the best work ive ever seen. :eusa-clap::eusa-clap::eusa-clap: Customer Service 10/10 Product Packaging 10/10 Product Quality 10/10 Product Performance 10/10 Yea i realize my parts are still wrapped up, but i have installed his products on a friends vehicle already so i know they work properly and im confident with mine. So whats in the box?? Fuel-It Stage 3 Hulk lpfp with Hobbs Switch Fuel-It Port Injection Silver Kit (upgraded lines) Fuel-It FPR Kit Fuel-It XL T-shirt...increases fuel flow and driving abilities by 25%
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    01-18-2016, 08:51 AM
    I was in the middle of the inlet install yesterday and everything was going (surprisingly) very smooth. The install really isn't THAT bad like everyone says it is. My work came to a halt when I could not get the front inlet out of the space between the firewall and the motor. I have decided to cut it out but I don't have any idea what kind of tool to use to fit in that space but also be strong enough to cut through the tough plastic. Anybody have any advice?
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    02-01-2016, 08:43 PM
    Hey guys, CARB is requiring us to test some of our products on a 2012 335is so we figured why not pickup another DCT model to further enhance JB4 development on that front. This is our 4th active DCT development car but first with the N54 platform. Our 2015 M3, 2015 M5, and 2011 135i are also DCT equipped vehicles. We've got some fun stuff planned for the car too after emissions testing is complete.
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    02-03-2016, 03:21 PM
    Luke.pitt started a thread Turbo dynamics UK in N54
    Hi thanks for the welcome. Love my 335i, had it for nearly two years now. So far have vrsf downpipes, tial charge pipe, mishimoto intercooler, bms dual cones, jb4 g5 and the exhaust pe mod. Looking to maybe get the stage 1 turbo dynamics hybrid upgrade. Any one here have any experience with them? Thanks in advance.
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