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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    04-19-2016, 09:37 AM
    You would think at some point RB would start to actually think for himself or consider making his own products, but it would seem he is content to simply copy everything we do. I guess he thought us saying we had exclusive rights to the GC's, after we designed every aspect of them over the past 2 years was actually not the case as he decided to try to contact our supplier, and try to buy our products so he could no doubt offer them as his own. Rob you are embarrassing yourself man. I know you have become simply background noise in the platform you used to dominate, but this just means you have to work harder at building innovative products, NOT stealing others. Have a nice day bud...:handgestures-thumb:
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  • drepai's Avatar
    04-08-2016, 08:51 PM
    Saw this on Facebook/n54tech and thought I'd share it here in case anybody missed it. Doug is a heavy hitter in the VW/Audi world and many swear by his products, I'm glad to see he's venturing into other platforms. I personally ran the turbo this kit will be based on (f23t) on my GTI and tracked it more times than I can remember. It's a great little turbo and it only set me back 1300 bucks for the whole kit. A friend of mine makes 400whp @ 26psi with port injection and e85 on a 2.0 TSI. Obviously far from an apples to apples comparison but you can see that it's a very capable & fast spooling setup. I'm excited to see what his cast twins will do on an n54 :music-rockout:
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    04-09-2016, 01:06 AM
    A 9 second F80 M3 or F82 M4 is not too far off at this point. Maximum PSI took their upgraded F80 M3 to the track and set a new overall record for the S55 platform. After a few 132-133 miles per hour passes they hit a 1.681 60 foot which resulted in a 10.347 @ 133.82 in the 1/4 mile. The trap speed record remains 135.5 but that was set on a poor 2.190 60 foot and with a time over a second slower. This result also blows away the previous quickest which was TPG Tuning with their 10.79 @ 132 pass. Here is the mod list: Pure Turbos Dodson clutches/baskets Flash/jb4/port injection Straight ms109 fuel Maximum PSI intakes, downpipes, charge pipes, 3.5"exhaust Evolution of Speed prototype intake manifold and intercooler Stock axles Now where do they go from here? Who will hit the 9's first? It is going to be fun to watch.
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  • Chris@CKI's Avatar
    04-03-2016, 07:42 PM
    Time has finally come for the release of the Bosch ADV O2 sensor retro kits. This has been a long time coming but I believe it’ll definitely be worth the wait. It wasn’t easy as BMW does not make it simple to switch sensors. There was something like 24 tables to adjust and 800 pages of documents to look over. With the growing population of turbo engines from OEM’s, component manufactures were tasked with redesigning a lot of sensors and parts to make them more robust to handle the extra heat and pressures that Turbo engines produce. Bosch was nice enough to make a similar sensor to the LSU 4.9 (our OEM sensor) as far as function of series. The ADV’s were designed to be used with the current Chip sets so that no major changes hardware wise needed to take place. The ADV sensor was designed to be placed in the exhaust stream between the head and turbo, and because of this it is built much more robust than the standard sensor. Advantages: -Much wider, more accurate working range -Much higher working & peak temp vs OEM’s -More precise manufacturing process eliminates the need for trimmer resistors -Internally filtered to dampen pressure pulses for much more accurate readings in a positive pressure environment. -YES! Primary O2 readiness is not effected! Disadvantages: -Very expensive, almost 3x’s the cost of the stock sensor direct from Bosch. Fitment: These Sensors will only currently work with single turbos. Some of the tables have been modified specifically for them. HOWEVER once the a majority of the single turbo customers are taken care of I will start testing on a hybrid car with full E85 PI. Reason being is it shows the most unstable logs since fuel volume changes so much for minute end result. They will be optimized for worse car scenario. My promise: -Each and every sensor is tested, so if it looks like its been installed before, its because it has been. -I will warranty 1 (one, uno, une,) free replacement sensor for 1 (one, uno, une,) year which is better than you’ll ever get anywhere. So to reiterate, I will give you a brand new sensor shall 1 of yours fails in a 1 year period. As you should expect sometimes things do fail premature. -I will fully support my product and do the best I can to help you with any issues you may come across. Prevented measures: Coming straight from the manufacturer be sure that your current manifold builder or build is using Recommendation: For hot applications (THexagon>600C or Tgas>930C) the thread boss should be min. 13mm to avoid overheating of the protection tube welding and to cool down the sensor hexagon. If the length is ≥16mm (max. 22mm permissible) the danger of thermo shock will be increased due to condensation water formation inside the protection tube A 13mm Heat sink is preferred (AEM makes a nice one) -VM, Motiv, FFtec, and ADE ALL use proper O2 heat sinks. -JPworks, On3, Doc Race do NOT use the proper O2 bung heat sinks. Premature failure is more likely with these kits. Ceramic coating warning: I have seen in a few cases (my car included) when you ceramic coat the headers 100% (except threaded boss) the header won’t conduct enough to make a good ground giving erratic readings. It happens out of nowhere and will cause headaches for a while. When Ceramic coating your ST headers be sure NOT to coat the mating flange that contacts the head and also not to coat the inside threaded portion NOR the outside of the 02 heat sink bung. Coating the outside of the heat sink contradicts its purpose. Harness core exchange: The harness on the sensors is quite short @ 12”. I’m working on another PN sensor that will have a longer harness. This will not happen for a while and they are much costlier, once again my dilemma. I will pay for postage on anyone who will mail me there good or bad stock sensor harness. You can cut the sensor and connector off so I can make extensions for those who wish. ETA: I will be 100% upfront, there will be a wait and it’ll be a first come first serve basis. I just ask please be patient if you have your name on the list. They are not as readily available as you think. It takes time for me to receive them, modify them and send them out. I hope to do shipments twice a week and please remember I do have a 40+hr a week day job and the summer can get busy. Big thanks: @jyamona@motiv Without his tables discoveries and awesome feedback beta testing none of this would be possible. Thank you @martial@mhd For your awesome app and making it easy and mindless for the end user to make the switch. Thank you @Chris@Boost Concepts Inc For all your help and advice for the other end of the house. You kept me motivated to continue on. Thank you I want to Thank everyone who has supported me and waited patiently. I understand the frustrations of O2 issues as that is what got me motivated in the first place. I didn’t want to rush and get a product out there without it being thoroughly tested Instructions: Once installed there will be an option in MHD before you flash. These will not work with the factory settings. The most important thing is to reset Afr/lambda adaptations only when: -Initial install of sensors and flash -fueling changes (Econtent) -major tune changes to Afr -changes to the pressure comp tables -big changes in weather. 10-15*f (here in savannah it's literally 40's one day and 80 the next. E70 and above have a difficult time adapting. This has to do with a ve or fueling temp compensation. It's on Jakes list to find. E85 swings pretty big with temp) Best results seem to be when doing an adaptions reset when the car is warmed up. After doing a reset let the car idle for a minute or two before driving off. I found that the DME learns much quick during the initial drive after a reset, so leave some time for a good 20-30 min cruise at all load settings right after a reset. If you do a reset, start the car then shut if off it tends to take much longer to adapt to anything. For jb4 users: In FUD disable the following. -o2 pressure compensation -adaptations reset on start up Description: These are 100% plug N play sensors with OEM quality connectors with OEM quality weather sealing. You will have to detach the female chassis side connector from the fuel rail to give you the extra length needed for install. They will fit under the engine cover just fine. Extension harnesses will be made in the future. Disclaimer: By installing the sensors described above by this user you are aware that: The installation of any aftermarket part may void or otherwise adversely affect your factory warranty. In addition, such installation and use may violate certain federal, state and local laws, rules and ordinances as well as other laws when used on motor vehicles operated on public highways, especially in states where pollution laws may apply. Always check federal, state, and local laws before modifying your car. It is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the user to determine the suitability of the product for his or her use, and the user shall assume all legal, personal injury risk, and liability and all other obligations, duties and risks associated therewith. Any questions please Email me @ MAPS So unfortunately Martial is on vacation for a few weeks and wont have the MHD option ready for a little while (my fault) I modified the latest BMS IJEOS and I8AOS ST maps from 4/10/2016. Choose the one you currently have and you'll be good to go. If you have a custom Motiv map from the Jake's Email JakeY and he will be happy to assist you. For any other custom map you can email me at I will modify it as soon as i can. BMS maps: Pricing: $450/set including a 1yr 1 time replacement Paypal: Please include your username
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  • Pure Turbos's Avatar
    04-14-2016, 05:24 PM
    I also find it entertaining vendors think they are the only ones working on big projects. We have so many big things happening behind the scenes. We've had N54 aftermarket cast turbos for months now. We are just not the ones who want to be caught kicking and screaming: "look at me! look at me!" (small pic on purpose)
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  • DOCRace's Avatar
    04-14-2016, 11:54 AM
    Well guys I'm really excited about this. We keep on getting asked to make these and I had a local machinist design all the parts much like we did with the 2J intake manifolds. The intake flange itself will have injector ports in them for guys running port injection and we will also include a -6an fuel rail. The flange in the picture does not have injector ports. We're still trying to figure out location and angle. All factory o-rings will be used as well. The plenum plates have built in velocity stacks which is also what we designed for the 2J intakes. Once I have a final design I'm going to be sending one to Tony Vargas and he's going to test it on his solid deck race car:dance: I'll keep you guys updated as I get more done on the project.
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  • JerryT's Avatar
    04-15-2016, 04:07 PM
    Customer posted this on n54tech, not record breaking but it is good to see great numbers. JPWorks manifold PTE6266 TwinScroll ADE PI SS AIC6, TFT CP Fuel-It Stage 3 LPFP JB4 AT > MT swap MFactory FW Spec Stage 3+ Clutch
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    04-11-2016, 09:58 PM
    There happens to be a BMW involved in this video although it could happen to anyone and with any make of car. Maybe there is something though to the study that says BMW drivers are assholes? Regardless, this situation gets out of hand quickly. What happens? Well, a group of guys on motorcycles are speeding and enjoying their ride when a classic BMW cuts one of them off and essentially takes issue with their style of riding. At one point in the video the BMW catches up when the riders are stopped. The BMW driver gets out and tells the guy on the motorcycle not to move as he blocks his path. Well, the rider takes issue as do his friends and the guy gets what is coming to him which is an ass beating. The three bikers probably feel tough until the passenger jumps out with a gun. The bikers back off and the passenger should be happy none of the bikers were armed or this situation would have escalated well beyond reason. The camera guy gets the hell out of there but screaming continues in the background. It's simply best to leave patrolling the highways and enforcing the speed limit to law enforcement.
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  • Artsoasis's Avatar
    04-04-2016, 01:40 PM
    I keep getting Cylinder 6 misfires at WOT 6,200+ RPMs and Cylinder 5 timing drops on my new motor. I have tried many things, but I can't seem to fix these issues. Log of Cylinder 6 misfire: I'm completely at a loss on what to do. So far I have: Changed plugs to new NGKs gaped to .018 Purchased brand new Delphi Coils Switched Injectors ( 6 to 3, 5 to 2) Compression test checked out fine at 150 across the board. Performed boost leak test The only things I have remaining to check out are: Logging port injection Switching out port injection injectors Car info: 2011 335is DCT (New motor with 1,756 miles just installed) Vargas Stage 2+ Turbos w/ inlets Fuel it Stage 3 LPFP Fuel-it Port injection AIC 6 controller VRSF 7" FMIC N20 Tmap sensor RB external PCV upgrade Downpipes
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  • bigdaddyaaron's Avatar
    04-11-2016, 01:41 PM
    About to tackle this on Sunday and had a few q's before I start: I've read that people have problems with the Spec throw out bearing- should I install an oem TOB? I've never replaced a clutch before- what gets lubed/relubed upon re-install- input shaft? pilot bearing? input shaft guide thingy? Right now i plan on replacing the flywheel bolts, aluminum trans bolts, pivot pin, and rear main- anything else I should order?
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  • gzim335's Avatar
    04-12-2016, 06:16 PM
    c63 weistec stage 3 bolt ons and ms109 mix,seats removed first run is a dig standing half a mile f10 m5 6spd,pure turbos meth fbo full ms109 running a flash and bcm jb4 (car made 800whp at 30psi) both cars spun second race f10 m5 stock turbo,downpipes,flash stacked with bcm jb4 running 27psi (made 730whp) 45 roll both cars spun m5 view c63 view
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  • jyamona@motiv's Avatar
    04-26-2016, 10:13 AM
    Pos rep for cold brew :) I'm having some myself right now too. You make it in a french press? How long do you let it brew for?
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  • hobbit382's Avatar
    04-18-2016, 08:29 PM
    So I finally got around to looking at the N54 stuff this weekend and found the solution to the single turbo O2 sensor dilemma. :D
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  • ///Monst3r's Avatar
    04-21-2016, 05:33 AM
    Less than a week after ordering my Mfactory twin disk has arrived and they continue to impress me. Overall quality is GREAT and I love the fact that it has adjustable shims. It also comes with a nice metal alignment tool and not sure about others but am glad it comes with actual hex nuts (the allen bolts on most clutches really annoy me). I will be getting around to installing this after my aluminum trans bolts arrive. Will give a full review then after initial break in. No more slipping 3+ on higher boost levels!:dance:
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  • The Convert's Avatar
    04-15-2016, 01:19 PM
    Copied from a post I made in the Frankenturbo thread. "Look, NO ONE on here likes it when Tony gets in one of his fits...this is common knowledge. It is also common knowledge that Tony goes on less fits when people don't direct anything at him or about him that he may not like. Is it fair to just bite your tongue even though he likely will not? No. Is it logical and best for yourselves and everyone else if you do just take the high road? ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY. Moral, stop acting like children yourselves(all that have problems with Tony) and don't even talk to or about him and ignore things you don't like that he says. Just imagine how much less BS banter we would have gumming up threads if everyone did that with Tony and Sticky.(lets be honest, an argument with Sticky destroys a thread fast as fuck too)" Can we all try this? please?
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  • Artsoasis's Avatar
    04-13-2016, 01:35 AM
    We had a crazy hail storm in san antonio and my 335is will probably be a total loss. What car should I replacd it with? Another 335is? A z4 35is? Or a bmw M2
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    04-06-2016, 04:36 PM
    BMW's decisions do not always make sense. Sometimes, they make you scratch your head and wonder what they were thinking. Explaining BMW's motives falls to their employees such as those who work in the BMW PressClub. BimmerBoost reached out to BMW and asked the question everyone is wondering. Why does the F87 M2 engine not have an 'S' designation? This is BMW's response: We would like to thank Rebecca at BMW for getting back to BimmerBoost except she did not answer the question. A follow up again asking the same exact question was ignored. Way to do your job Rebecca. Why is BMW not answering the damn question? For those wondering, this is how BMW engine designations and codes are supposed to work: BMW's own rules are very clear. Which makes you wonder why they aren't playing by their own rules. Rebecca says the F87 M2 motor is a genuine M engine. Well, BMW's own engine codes mean it should start with an 'S' in that instance and not an 'N' otherwise it is not officially an M production motor. BMW saying one thing and doing another is frustrating especially for those who actually pay attention to the engine codes such as BimmerBoost readers. It is even more frustrating when you take into account that BMW did not repeat the mistake they made with the E82 1M which was putting a non-M engine into an M car. They learned their lesson yet they still managed to screw something this basic up. The N55B30T0 is presented as a development of the N55 motor we all know yet it has S55 engine internals from the F80 M3 and F82 M4 as well as a closed deck block which the N55 does not have. It is more of an S55/N55 hybrid as the turbo setup from the N55 is retained to prevent the M2 from encroaching on the S55. Maybe BMW was worried having two engines starting with the S55 designation would confuse people or that it would make people think the M3/M4 and the M2 had the same motor. Yet, BMW has no problem using the N55 designation multiple times. They have in the past used 'S' engine designations multiple times without incident. BMW did indeed give the M2 an M motor yet they do not designate it an M motor officially. WTF BMW? Our solution is to place the N55B30T0 in the N55 forum on BimmerBoost because BMW forced us to. What else can you do?
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  • Terry@BMS's Avatar
    04-24-2016, 02:40 PM
    Hey guys, A local customer was generous enough to come out for a few hours so we could poke around under the hood, take some logs, and do a little dyno testing with his new M2. He has around 1000 miles on the clock I believe. Per usual I'll try to keep it brief and to the point: The good: 1) Car looks super awesome in person and really attracts a lot of attention on the road. DCT drives and shifts great. 2) The tuning scheme is the same as the M235 EWG. Meaning our existing F Series N55 EWG JB4 is fully compatible from a hardware perspective. Some minor M2 specific software changes will be added, of course. 3) All of the cool in dash controls we've added to the F Series JB4 are compatible. CANflap works, in dash boost gauge works, map switching works, boost by gear works, 6cyl timing logging works, and it even logs the DCT trans oil temperature. 4) The platform appears to be E85 friendly. More on that later. The bad: 1) This is simply based on my initial few hours with the car. But from a performance perspective, it appears to be basically an N55 with a tune from the factory. It's not in the same universe as the S55 M3/M4 motor and even appears to be a step down from the B58 found in the new 340i. 2) On normal pump 91 octane fuel running its factory 15-16psi boost profile it had fairly significant timing pull and only put down 330whp. Subsequent pulls did even worse as it heated up. 3) We added an E30 mix on the dyno and the factory power jumped up nicely to the 350whp range and it was also more consistent. Even at this power level though the car had a strange behavior where it would momentarily drop boost for no apparent reason, resulting in a noticeable "hiccup" in the dyno chart. Maybe something that will be fixed via a future software update or perhaps related to the E30 itself without tuning in place for it. 4) I raised boost around 3psi just to evaluate it on the E30 mix and the result was pretty respectable power. Around 390whp. Which, is what the normal 335 F30 EWG cars make on E30 at roughly the same boost level. Potential Tuning Gains: E85 Mix: I expect we'll be able to get power up to around 425whp. 91 Octane: There is no power to be picked up via tuning on 91. Just the extra features via the JB4. 93 Octane: I'm hopeful with good 93 octane we can pickup at least 15-20whp and similar torque. Bottom Line: It's a cool little platform. But basically appears to be a more aggressively tuned M235.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    04-09-2016, 08:50 PM
    The all wheel drive guys get left out of a lot of the turbo upgrade fun. Why? Well, the drivetrain complicates things as well as fitment. That is why not every turbo upgrade works for the xi models such as the E90 335xi for example. What is making this possible? This: Awesome? You bet your ass it's awesome.
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  • samacdonald's Avatar
    04-27-2016, 07:34 PM
    samacdonald started a thread MHD vs Cobb in N54
    Since my RB EVO's are going in next week, I thought it was about time to get a flash to stack with the jb4. It seems like there's nobody custom tuning the n54 online who everyone has had great results with and since I live in Southern NH, it makes a lot of sense for me to go to Brentuning, however after contacting them, they told me they only do Cobb tunes and won't convert their base files to MHD unless they we get at least 5 people to get tunes from them. So I'm forced with the decision to either spend the extra $ on a Cobb ap and a tune from Brentuning or go the MHD route. My questions are what are the differences between Cobb and MHD as far as tuning capabilities and although it's probably highly debatable, who is considered the most reliable tuner on the forums right now?
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    04-15-2016, 07:57 PM
    These are smoking fast results if you consider the following. This is an E82 1M which means a 6-speed manual transmission. The turbo upgrade is a set of first gen RB turbos. These turbos have been surpassed considerably by RB and other turbo manufacturers as well. The tuning is from trebila. Fuel is roughly E87-E90 ethanol. The result is a 11.411 @ 127.02 pass on a 1.791 60 foot. Spinning a bit inflated the trap speed to 130.10 but still this is a 6-speed N54 cracking 130 in the 1/4 mile with fairly basic modifications in this day and age of N54 tuning. Impressive.
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  • PDU's Avatar
    04-03-2016, 04:49 PM
    BB, Here's a handful of passes from yesterdays NFZ CA. 21 passes total, multiple hot laps (3 passes back to back and then cool off). 27 peak psi on all runs, fought the usual tuning bugs but no limp modes/passes, 152 mph was my high trap. I lost to an ///M5 ,ESS VT650 ///M3 (2xs), McLaren P1, Ferrari F12 & the Porsche GT2 RS at the end of the video. I'm still boggled by that launch btw. :o Had a blast , met some new folks and saw the usual suspects. Mods: PDU PI Kit/DP/Exhaust ACF STG 2 ECU Flash PURE STG 2 Turbo JB4 Fuel = MS109 + some left over E85/91 mix. Enjoy...
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  • Enfiftyfore's Avatar
    04-25-2016, 09:02 AM
    I finally killed my clutch last night so I just ordered SPEC 3+ with steel SMFW (135i). I'm going to replace the pilot bearing and trans mounts with polyurethane as well while I'm there. If anybody has any suggestions or pro-tips, I would appreciate it.:handgestures-thumb:
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  • E90wkc's Avatar
    04-12-2016, 07:37 PM
    Cant wait to see how this bad boy does that 6-1 merge
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  • AWSAWS's Avatar
    04-23-2016, 11:10 PM
    Hi, I've seen some people have pushed stock turbos to pretty high boost levels in the midrange. Around 24 psi at 3500rpm. Has anyone here tried it? I'm tempted to give it a go for a run at the strip. Tapering down to 17 psi at 6500. 16 psi at redline. Hoping they dont just blow up. Looks like the requirement is E85 at an E40 to E50 level. I have inlets which may also help. What are peoples thoughts? :think:
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  • mastawyrm's Avatar
    04-17-2016, 04:31 PM
    My car is a 335is dct, to which I've done DPs and self tuned it. I've never been unsatisfied with the power I was able to wring out thanks to all you guys' info and nearly a year of logging/tweaking but the lag still bothers me. From what I can tell I don't have poor spool or anything like that but it's gotten to the point that I've been driving my e39 540 instead. I also autox a camaro with a cable throttle so maybe I'm just spoiled by instant torque but if that's the case, I feel like I should just get something else. I'm not really a drag racer so is there anything I can do to focus more on immediate torque rather than pure speed? Inlets? Vanos tweaking differently than the usual? I've never really done anything with vanos other than try a few posted tables, compare them back to back and try to blend the best ranges without really knowing much about cam tuning. Should I just buy an M? I really like the s54 M coupes but I fear I would regret losing my current interior a bit. Oh I should also say I used to have a Cobb tuned 2010 mini running 20psi and was never annoyed by the response on it. You guys think it's because it had intake side valvetronic rather than regular vanos/TB like the n54
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    04-18-2016, 06:18 PM
    A Mustang engine under the hood of a BMW 3-Series? That is enough to make a BMW purist pull their hair out. We have seen all kinds of BMW engine swaps from other makes before. That includes a Toyota 2JZ-GTE swap into an E39 5-Series and of course GM LS swaps have been done to death. In a strange way the Coyote actually makes the most sense if you are going to do a swap. However, if doing it, do it right and go for the Voodoo V8. This network holds the Voodoo in high esteem and believes it to not just be better than any of the factory E9X motors but one of the best naturally aspirated motors ever built. Swapping out the F80 M3 or F82 M4 S55 for the Ford Voodoo V8 ironically makes those cars more of what an M car is supposed to be, not less. Regarding this particular Coyote swap we do not have any details on it, who it belongs to, or if it is even real. It certainly gets one thinking though.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    04-16-2016, 03:31 PM
    BMW's engine notes in the turbo era have not exactly thrilled. Much of the exhaust noise is muffled by the turbos and BMW instead of working on developing an aurally pleasing note decided instead to pipe in artificial sound over the speaker system. It would be funny if it was not true and BMW M should be embarrassed. Well, the hardcore (and expensive) F82 M4 GTS model should address any and all concerns with the standard F82 M4 including the terrible exhaust sound. The GTS model gets a new titanium exhaust system which in addition to being lighter should change the exhaust tone. It does change it and open things up a bit but it still is just not very good: Better than the standard M4? Yes. As good as a titanium exhaust system on a E92 M3? No: Ok, what about a direct comparison to another BMW inline-6 such as the one under the E46 M3 hood? Here is a titanium system on the S54 motor: The S54 may have a reputation for being 'raspy' but it certainly doesn't sound like a blender or need fake sounds piped in. Plus that high pitched note has just a hint of something exotic about it. There is nothing exotic about the S55 engine note. Maybe BMW can set the stereo to play engine sounds from previous generation M motors?
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  • Artsoasis's Avatar
    04-28-2016, 10:41 PM
    My 335is isn't getting totaled after 14k worth of hail damage. Going with a carbon fiber roof, and a few other goodies. What custom color would you choose if you could pick any color to pain your car. So far I'm thinking: Grigio Telesto Brilliant white Azurite black. I need Three colors by tonight to have color samples tomorrow.
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  • Jiaim's Avatar
    04-07-2016, 03:48 PM
    When Vargas released first photos od the GC turbos, they reminded me of a Zage product teased one month before on their facebook timeline. Zage is a big manufacturer in Taiwan they produce good things. Now it's AMPA, the Asian SEMAshow equivalent and the cast turbos are available for release. So my questions are : - does Vargas has really developped them ? - does Vargas has an exclusive on them ? - why no more news since the initial tease ?
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