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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    04-10-2015, 10:26 AM
    Did a little messing around on the dyno last night on the crappiest of crap California 91 ACN gasoline, no meth. With a really conservative tune, we ended up with 585WHP / 500WTQ. Yes this is a new N54 91 WR, no we do not like putting it in all caps, red letters, and 75 font size, as honestly who is going to run this. We did this testing to satisfy the people who will inevitably ask about 91. For the tuning we literally ran 1 degree of timing at redline (yes that's ONE degree), sometimes less if it corrected. We could have pushed harder, but after every pull I found myself checking for lumpy idle, etc. This really isn't a good feeling, and the idea of breaking an expensive built motor to push any harder on 91 was decided against (there was more in there). As usual Dzenno made small changes, until we got where we wanted. This was running about 24-25 psi, and as I stated before, no timing. The 91 has been drained out of the car, and sacrificed to the power washer gods. We will continue on with some E85 testing...:paddle: I think you guys know the specs on the car but here they are: ABR built motor VTT Stage 3 VTX2867 Turbo kit VTT Shotgun Double Barrel PTF Twin Disc clutch ACN 91, no meth Tuning by Pro Tuning Freaks
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    04-01-2015, 08:28 PM
    I'm still working out a few minor bugs but I've launched the BoostAddict FaceBook page: Kindly 'like' it as I need to start building up the Facebook presence to leverage. Like it , post in this thread you liked it, and you'll get 20 rep rep points.
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  • drfrink24's Avatar
    04-06-2015, 08:40 AM
    What's the latest status on the various tables being uncovered in that thread that went private? I haven't seen any threads popup since I donated some money a few weeks ago... unless it moved somewhere and I'm just blind.
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  • Ofmalik's Avatar
    04-14-2015, 07:42 PM
    Ofmalik started a thread Want ST TURBO KIT ASAP in N54
    Looking for a ST kit, need ASAP. PM with whatever you've got new or used
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    04-09-2015, 09:34 PM
    I'm going to put something together as this is our 5 year anniversary and I just want to say thank you to all of you. The people who have helped, those that have not helped, whatever. I want to show this community is the best ups and downs or not. I can't guarantee I can do this all myself but I also can't count on others to get it done. If any one of you wonder why I prefer working alone it is for reasons like this. So, please, just list what you would like in an app. I'm considering making it so that it connects directly to our new (and coming shotly) downloads section so you can just select a map from the app and download it just like that. I'd love to give back (as apparently the original BB app, new servers, and new features aren't enough) so just tell me what you want to do and Ill let you know if it's feasible. Let's be productive and positive. So, thinking caps on people! :stripper:
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  • drfrink24's Avatar
    03-28-2015, 03:40 PM
    Struggling with the decision between upgraded twins + inlets vs. top mount single (VM TM w/6465 1.0AR) for a daily driver 335xi that will never see a track or airstrip. I think with either option, most FBO people will still likely need: Fueling (stage 2 or stage 3 LPFP + PI or VTT HPFP) Charge pipe (some FBO, including myself, haven't had issues with stock CP + DVs) Labor is nearly identical, though you don't need to hassle with shipping your old turbos back w/Single Upgraded twins RB or Stage2 = $3000 + cores (hexon are a cheaper option) TFT inlets = $1500 (includes CP) BOV = $250 = $4750 I agree there are cheaper options (including MM inlets or VTT inlets) but the TFT seem like the most potential for power out of those 3 options. You could go with Hexon, or VTT Stage 1, but you're not saving much money and leaving lots of power on the table for a LOT of labor. VM Top mount $6400 + CP $250 (BMS using stock DVs) = $6650 This is less than $2000 more (yes, $2000 isn't exactly chump change), this gap gets even smaller if you're comparing VTT 2+ or RB "super" turbos. The advantages, that I can tell: - Minimizes regret factor and allows easy swaps of bigger or smaller turbos - Happier engine with less octane required - You could return your car to stock without the hassle of needing new or used stock turbos Seems to me, that for all the labor involved, and potentially being a longer lasting solution, $2000 really isn't all that much more to spend.
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  • drfrink24's Avatar
    03-27-2015, 01:08 PM
    Researching fueling options, would like some thoughts: Seems like port-injection (or TB injection) is starting to show up in several builds, however, VTTs single/double shotgun appears to be fairly straight forward and elegant solution, yet we're not seeing it show up as much. Has there been some problems with the shotgun option? Less tuning support? Less capacity? Install overly difficult? Its cheaper as well.. what am I missing?
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  • foe516's Avatar
    04-11-2015, 11:43 PM
    So now that we see all the gains to be had with inlets. Slicksilver hitting 500whp i wonder what we can expect with just a compressor upgrade like the VVT stage 1. i mean i really enjoy tracking my car so i would be happy with a 500-525 whp daily driver. it really doesn't even seem like you need stage 2 anymore to break 500. and these can be had fairly cheap. right now fbo with jb4 and bb e85 back end i hit 410whp/440tq. i couldn't even imagine another 20-25% more power. just looking to statr a discussion and get some ideas. thanks
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  • drfrink24's Avatar
    04-20-2015, 12:44 PM
    Doing a bit of research on turbo sizing, I know there are several factors that influence choices: Peak power goals @ xxxx RPM Fuel available etc... But lets face it, there are poor sized choices, such as a tiny AR that would choke the exhaust or a giant AR that would require 10k RPM and nitrous to hit peak numbers. To say that every turbo option is somehow the "best" for a specific outcome desired I think is misleading. I have to imagine that turbo A is better at accomplishing your goals than turbo B, and both are worse than turbo C (all else being equal). This isn't magic, its science, right? With our BSFC, VE, liters, VANOs, DI and other known factors, there should be a pretty obvious compressor and exhaust housing that offers a very meaty power band, assuming its tuned correctly with the correct fueling that works better than an under-sized or over-sized option, or even worse, with an under or oversized option poorly tuned.
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  • MM Performance's Avatar
    04-03-2015, 04:31 PM
    New stock turbo World Record :music-rockout: Well got it done today as promised with Terry helping me dyno tune. 80F rainy and muggy outside, plenty of humidity, and it didn't matter, got the new WR thanks to the MMP turbo intakes! Will post more data later but here is the dyno picture for now. This was on my own personal daily driver car with 90k miles on it, 2007 6AT 335i coupe. Also ran leak down on it recently and 2 cylinders are at about 20% so not the most power producing engine out there ;) A healthier engine will definately see more power. power mods: MMP turbo intakes JB4 custom tuning backend and user settings fuel it stage 2 LPFP dual meth injection DPs without cats Big Tom intercooler TFT charge pipe custom 3" intercooler up pipe NGK .022" gapped spark plugs fuel: straight E85 run 21 is 4th gear, run 23 is 5th gear. oh and this is on a 6AT with 3% more drivetrain loss than MT. Adjusted for MT drivetrain loss, this would be 512whp Previously I had my car tuned to the absolute max on the dyno and my results in 4th gear was 447whp and in 5th gear was 456whp. I was running 100% E85 and the same amount of meth. All I did was change to the MMP intakes and dyno tune for the added performance of these inlets and I made 490whp in 4th and 500whp in 5th. That is a delta of +43whp in 4th and +44whp in 5th, pretty consistent. Also if you look at the logs where max HP is made for each Dyno pull, this is done with a delta of 3psi for these gains, pretty awesome gains for only 3psi! Also the conditions on the dyno prior to inlets was a Density altitude of 1208 ft and on the dyno day with the new inlets was 2873 so alot worse in DA, it was a hot muggy day, I told Terry I didn't think we could hit the record on that day but he urged me on to keep the dyno appt, glad you did Terry ;) So with the same car, maxed tuned for each setup, on the same dyno, and with worse conditions, here are actual deltas and results, not speculations based on different cars, different drivetrains, different dynos, etc, etc, etc leading to bad conclusions below is the comparison plot of max effort dyno comparison pre and post MMP intakes all else equal. And here is the log for the the dyno pre MMP intakes with max effort tuning And here is the log for the dyno post MMP intake installation with max effort tuning As you can see, before The top end is where the MMP intakes shine and net +44 max whp and + 56 whp at 6k rpm and also broadened the power band by shifting the max hp up by 200 rpm and alot more area under the curve. You can see from the dyno logs before MMP intakes WGDC was 100% maxed out at 5500 rpm on and only holding 20.8psi taper to 16.5psi, after MMP intakes WGDC only gets to 86% at 5700 rpm and able to make 25 psi, taper to 21.6 and back up to 22.6. This clearly shows with Dyno data and logs that there is a HUGE performance gain on stock turbos by upgrading to the MMP intakes!
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  • andy_divers's Avatar
    03-31-2015, 05:52 AM
    After many months of testing and thousands of miles now logged on our first few kits its into full production mode. We are also proud to announce a much lower price of $5999 for our 62mm "Hot Side" kit. A few things allowed us to do this... better buying and pricing on larger quantity orders have brought cost down, but the biggest change is the intake. The original kit included a high temp resin carbon fiber intake. However, the producer of the intake was not reliable and after not being able to find a new outlet to produce them we made the decision to step away. The intake is now a 6061 aluminum mandrel bent intake with the K&N filter still located behind the left headlight. I really wanted the CF intake, but it looks to be a blessing. No longer including a CF intake paired with parts savings has dropped the kits' price almost $900 without sacrificing quality, fit, or performance. Keep an eye out as we add the AD Engineering Intercoolers and Catch Can over the next few weeks
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  • Torgus's Avatar
    04-21-2015, 04:22 PM
    We have someone. His name is Leen. $1200 or less manifolds which will outflow the Motiv design they ripped off. Will be available for sale soon enough.
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  • tjobeid's Avatar
    03-28-2015, 05:09 PM Here are some logs attached as we'll as a dyno sheet. Car was on e60 running an unmodified bms e85 flash boost set to 20psti from 2500-6000rpm.FBO +255 walbro+ TFT style inlets. RUN 004 was before new intakes
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  • Eleventeen's Avatar
    04-01-2015, 09:41 PM
    Hey guys, I just saw this and thought some people may be interested. Precision JUST announced a new turbo that falls between their 58xx and 62xx units. This should be another great option for the N54:Ž-Turbocharger-Introduced/293
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  • 4doorbmwpower's Avatar
    04-24-2015, 08:59 PM
    Can someone tell me more than just... its really hard? so is hacking into the pentagon and people still do it. WE PUT A MAN ON THE MOON! can we please find a company that can give us custom TCU flashing? I have emailed a company that does TCU flashing for Ferrari and Porsche, maybe they know a guy.
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  • 1st's Avatar
    04-04-2015, 12:46 AM
    Hi! I have a JB4 and a single turbo installed with all supporting mods on an 07 335i. I ran the single turbo backend flash, and the flash went flawlessly and the car ran well. No flashing issues. Recently, I had my tuner adjust some timing values and send me a new bin file. I tried that backend flash on my Macbook, and upon trying to write the ECU, it says that the flash failed and that it would not authenticate the control module. The fuel pump ran continuously in this process. I disconnected the battery for 5 minutes and repeated this process 5 or 6 times. Same issue every time. What should I do to get my car started? I am home for the weekend and have a business trip I have to make on Monday (oops). Right now it will not start, and when I turn the ignition on, the fuel pump runs continuously, regardless of whether or not I am connected to BimmerBoost. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    04-21-2015, 12:47 AM
    This thread might get intense. So which one do you choose? Honestly, I'm starting to think the Viper is the way to go. I love the Z06. There is no 'wrong' car here. They're both incredible. But the Viper is just... raw. Something about it. There's something that makes you feel like they just won't build like this any longer. It's a tough one.
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  • Dr.Tamirlan's Avatar
    04-05-2015, 10:07 AM
    Hello everyone. im Tamirlan from Moscow i bought bmw m6 in 2008, and started racing on different racing events, you could have seen my races on youtube on Moscow unlime 500+ i d like to tell you about my current project wich i started in the end of 2013 with Gintani. the reason why i chose Gintani is because of a great quality hardware and fine repuation. My previous set up was ess supercharger vt-2 730 hp + NOS kit ASR, overall 850 hp. on race event Moscow unlim 500+ it showed 27.5 sec on mile with 318 km\h. Which was not enough for me so i decided to modify engine to encrease hp/ at first i contacted with ESS because of previous succesful set up. but guys from ESS refused, because they aimed to e90/92. i started searching a company for building new low compration engine set up, with bigger supercharger and methanol injection. my main goal was to reach 1000+ whp. a friend of mine, Sergey who had been contacting with Alex earlier introduced Gintani to me. First time i contacted with Alex in august 2013, At first we wanted to reach 1000+ whp on s/c kit with engine modification. but Alex offered me a very interesting and unique project V10 5.5 TWIN TURBO with DCT gearbox,based on TT kit for m3 e92/90 wich they were finishing at the time. we discussed some terms and conditions of the project and reached gentelman agreement based on trust. In the end of november of 2013 i sent my engine from Moscow to the Gintani, and DCT i bought already in the US. for turbochargers Gintani chose two garret 35, engeneered and build custom exhaust manifold and every single peace was newly created. engine mods include custom camshafts, sleaweed block, corilla rods, custom forged pistons, headers porting and etc. displacement encreased to 5500cc with low compration ratio. evere single detail needed to be engeneered and design from start, and nothing could be used from big s/c kit so we missed our deadline. the guys from Gintani claim that we are on the finishing line, i hope guys will finish in a month and in 30 th of May i will show the fastest bmw m6 to the world on racing event Moscow unlime 500+ on 1 mile range. As Alex says the engine will produce 1200-1300+ WHP + DCT enhanced on dodson parts. it should be very fast set up with new world record potencial. im waiting for it for almost 1.5 year, i ve already missed 1 season. im hopimg that Alex and Guys from Gintani will meet the expectation. unfortunatly due to know how's and corporate secrets i can not post all the pics of the process and parts. My car is my passion, i bought new m performance steering wheel with rev indication from and a set of new carbon ceramic brakes from new m6 f13, os gicken with 50/50 differential block. new kw variant 3 suspencion. with all this hardware modification i couldnt let her look stock, the apperance of car should match its power so i chose full widebody original lumma clr kit with color from new m series - san marino blue. stock multimedia system changed to NBT, functionaly the car havent lost at all. for such amount of power i bought r21 355/25 looks crazy as hell... for to day everything is ready and installed, exept engine and gearbox..... can't wait to get things together and race it. many thanks to Alex and guys from Gintani, looking forward to see you in moscow. ill post here updates, engine mounting, dyno, first start etc.... also follow me on instagram BMW_dr_Tamirlan
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  • Mthis's Avatar
    04-12-2015, 10:30 AM
    Posting this on behalf of my good friend Mike. his m5s a beast and looks great as well. his mods are - Undercover 3inch down pipes with full catless Undercover exhaust with JB4 93oct. all work done by JC@ Champion Motorsports in NJ. So here it is the Comparison of Mustang and DynoJet Readings nothing was change in my car just basically doing a comparison Mustang Dyno read 553trq & 546whp Dynojet Dyno read 620trq & 659whp Crank - 760hp Trq- 716torque DynoJet Undercover Performance Mustang Dyno Tunning:
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  • 93siro's Avatar
    04-20-2015, 12:46 AM
    93siro started a thread Building the engine in N54
    Hi all, So vac is going to build me a complete engine. Forged bottom end with their stage 3 head and custom spec cams. Im deciding now to whether go lower compression or up the compression ratio and go full insane? Also the cam profile is not decided yet. I know nobody has ever put cams on these engines, but all opinions are welcome. 264 with 10.2mm lift is too much? The turbos are vtt stage 2+. Thanks
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  • bobS's Avatar
    04-04-2015, 01:06 PM
    Congrats to Steve, Evolve and Undercover Performance for taking the number 2 spot (oh so close to number 1) in the all time fastest (world record) 1/4 mile supercharged M3 category!!:music-rockout: @undercover @Imran@Evolve Here is the thread that was started about the car and how he ran a 10.5 @ 132.66 : Doing what I can to help ALL of us DCT guys. I never had a DJ Dyno with the E625 kit, so I scheduled one for this past Monday (3/30) at PSI Proformance in Lansdale PA. Filled up on 93 octane and off I went. While I was there, I called Atco Raceway to see when they had a private rental available. Turns out they were drying the track for one that day Once I was off the dyno, I headed straight to the track (roughly 70 miles), stopped just long enough to get my number and got to work. FINALLY DCT DRAGSTRIP TESTING TIME!! So, I was using Hoosiers on Apex ARC8's, and have the GTS DCT S/W. Unbeknownst to me at the time, the GTS s/w does NOT let you set 5500 RPM for Launch Control. I wish I knew this beforehand. Either way, it worked at 3500 rpm and Im not sure it would have helped considering the track prep was not great. It was good, but not great. First 2 passes I clicked off: Both of those bumped me into the #2 spot for E9x M3's. #1 spot for unmodified S/C kits (overall #1 is running 10+PSI and a Giant Ice/Water tank mounted in the trunk) But it got even better. With a few more hot-laps to try and run down the pump gas I had in the tank, I couldnt wait to add the Racegas I was itching use.. I ran about 10 more times with almost no deviation even as the DA was rising, 10.5-10.6@129-132mph in -470DA to -33ft DA Around 2:30 I finally got the gas down to below a 1/4 tank and added the 100 octane and tune to match. I had the guys respray the starting line for us because we were going all in now.. I did one "easy" pass to keep tires warm and get the racegas in the system and let the adaptations set in. Came right back around to stage again and let her rip! Like a bat out of hell the car launched! Sadly, shortly after I shifted to 2nd I heard the SNAP and all the lights came on and the car stopped accelerating. Long story short, we got the car back to Undercover Performance ( who does all my work) and we found the problem. May i present to you, the FIRST "known" broken E9x Driveshaft We could be wrong, but Ive never heard of one breaking. As much as it sucks to break, at least its an easy fix. It also lets us know that the clutches are doing their job transferring every bit of power Im throwing at them. Bad news for me, but good news for the community. To summarize: * Dodson Clutches are working well * Expect to upgrade the Driveshaft if DragRacing And most importantly *My car is a ROCKET ( Best ET 10.544 / Best MPH 133.33 )
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  • drfrink24's Avatar
    04-02-2015, 11:24 AM
    Wondering if anyone here has experience working on their cars under a 4 post ramp-style lift? I'd have a jack-tray to raise the chassis while on the lift as well. I'll be using this lift to install a turbo kit, as well as other tasks on this vehicle and others. The drive-on diamond plate ramps are 18" wide with 37.5" gap between ramps for work access, and being 175" long, I can have the vehicle on the ramps away from the end cross-member. I realize that a two post lift offers the best access to a vehicle and suspension, however there are some limiting factors in my situation: - I have infloor pex tubing and would like to avoid drilling concrete, my pad thickness is at the bare minimum (4") - I like the idea of having casters and storage potential under a 4 post - I only have 11' ceilings
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  • ajm8127's Avatar
    04-11-2015, 05:10 PM
    I removed a leaky 12mm wide seal from my engine (11117584398) and am replacing it with the newer version, 8mm wide seal (11117587168). I notice the old seal has two grooves in it that are supposed to line up with the seam in the two piece block, then be filled with sealant and the new seal does not have these grooves. I also notice there is reference to a bunch of special tools to install the seal to the correct depth, but a simple measurement is not specified. So, two questions: Should I put a thin coating of sealant on the ID of the block where the two halves meet before I press in the new seal? What should the installed depth of the seal be relative to the face of the block around the seal?
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    04-12-2015, 02:25 PM
    After a few emails with Sticky it would seem people are becoming increasingly offended by some of the negative vendor interactions by us, and many other vendors on this forum. We have decided to implement a new policy for ourselves, and our threads. It is outlined below. 1. Any vendor is allowed to post, and comment in our threads, doesn't matter who you are. 2. If at any time a vendor participating in one of our threads starts posting negative comments (back handed or blatant), derailing the thread, arguing with people in the thread, or generally side tracking the thread away from what it is intended for, they will be immediately removed from it. At the moment, this means we have to request for sticky to remove the offending person, as the ability to do it for vendors is not yet complete 3. We will keep our interactions with other vendors to a minimum, and will not post anything negative in another vendors thread it does not matter who you are. If us, or our products are directly referred to in a negative way, or false / misinformation is posted, and we feel wee need to address it. This will be done by started our own thread to address it. Not destroying the vendors thread with an argument. 4. At no time will blatant attacks, business, personal or otherwise be tolerated by anyone, non vendors included. We pay money to advertise here, and will not attacked in a place of business. This is social exercise for most, for us it is business, and will be treated as such. Again if we feel someone is being offensive, we will have them removed from the thread. With this system in place, we feel it should not only increase our enjoyment of the forum, but make it a much more enjoyable place for all. It is no secret there is no love lost between some of the vendors here, so we will take a stand to try to bring BB back to a place where there is less drama, and more useful information. If you have any positive comments, or suggestions, feel free to post them. If you have negative things to say, keep them to yourself, or start your own thread, we do not want it posted here. Thanks, enjoy your Sunday! VTT
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  • brendanrule's Avatar
    03-28-2015, 12:53 AM
    I'm looking for more power so I want to get proper inlets. TFT don't fit without fabricating so has anyone fit VTT inlets on RHD? I know Vargass said they fit but I've heard they don't fit up to "stock style box" Dinan or AFE intakes. Has anyone installed them I have only heard of one set being fitted on RHD so far.
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  • DavidV's Avatar
    04-01-2015, 10:16 AM
    The McLaren P1 versus the Porsche 918 Spyder. Both of these cars have carbon fiber tubs and body panels. Both have small displacement, high revving V-8s packed between their passenger compartments and rear axles. Both use twin-clutch transmissions, carbon ceramic brakes, and active aerodynamics. Both have roughly 900 hp. Both are plug-in hybrids. And today, with the help of pro racing driver Randy Pobst, we find out which one is fastest around Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.
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  • 3000gt MR's Avatar
    03-28-2015, 10:22 AM
    3000gt MR started a thread Ethanol vs methanol in N54
    Well this weeks N54 trend and word of the day is "band-aid". I dont have much time today but i'm sure this thread will be a mess when i get back to reading it. This is a debate between a properly built meth injection system vs a PI e85 injection system First off when searching methanol vs ethanol you will come across 2 things that are mentioned in just about every comparison. 1. Meth is more poisonous 2. Meth has 67% the energy of 100% gas where as ethanol is 83%. BTW. Both are alcohol based and both are poisonous in high concentrates. Methanol is used in racing, theres even a class for it. Yes the engines are build and tuned different to handle the cooler burn and the added fuel but to everyone's surprise a 100% ethanol engine would be built the same. So is there a distinguishable trait that makes 1 fuel less better than another besides needing more meth than eth? They're anti Knock properties are about the same with the octane being close to equal (R+M)/2 112-115 (although true alcohol readings are not obtainable) So now let put fuel to the side and look at systems. 99.5% of meth injection systems are put together cheap with poor design. On the contrary probably 99.9% of failures is due to poor system design. If your just looking for a minor performance enhancer than sticking 2 smaller nozzles in the charge pipe is fine. When you start getting greedy and keep upsizing nozzles and cranking up the boost is when you run into issues. When you start using it to increase your fuel capacity the charge pipe just became the worst place to inject. Would anyone run their ethanol through their charge pipe to make up for fueling? I know Fuel-it is working on a TB injection system which perfectly fine because they are not advertising 1000HP through it. They have done a great job making it pretty conservative. So lets face it, the only practical place to inject any type of secondary fuel whether its ethanol or methanol would be in the intake runner for each cylinder. As most of you know (based off the amount of txt, PM's, phone calls, tagged posts i get) I run meth, I'm starting to think my nickname should be methhead. I love power, i'm no different than the next person. I have access to 1 gas station that carries E85 and now that my GF doesn't live 20 min from it, its now a 40 min drive. I'm stuck with pump 93 and methanol if i want to make any type of power with a ST. So i went out and designed a bullet proof system that has worked great. I did not invent something new here. I just implemented it on a platform that relies heavily on methanol. For some reason when you start talking meth one of the first things people say is "what if a nozzle gets clogged?" I have no idea where this even came about. Was the first methanol injection systems mixed with sand and unfiltered? Meth out of a VP barrel is already extremely pure, 10 times more pure than anything you get out of a pump at a gas station. If you dont run a filter in any type of fueling system than you deserve to have problems. I run 3 which is 66% overkill. Not once have i even came close to this clogged nozzle BS. A proper meth system has boost kill fail safes which i think most all do now. Todays controllers have a range so if there is leaks or a kinked line it kills boost. Basically if the flow isn't within the user specified range. A proper system needs to utilize the following IPW controller with solenoid function of given fail safes individual cyl nozzles quality lines and hardware remote tank Built like you would build a factory fuel system. Dont be stupid Just about all problems are contributed to these. Some methanol donts: Progressive controllers single point injection CP location for added fuel. window fluid tank dyes no filters Most tuners dont mess with tuning meth injected cars for a bunch of good reasons. You dont know the condition its in, how well its working, blah blah blah. So for a tuner to take the responsibility in tuning something with that big of an unknown is dumb. If something shall happen the first person to always get blamed is the tuner. Some references: (@sticky If you dont want this link here let me know i'll delete it. Has to much stuff to copy over) i have to end it here for now but please discuss.
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