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  • Chris@CKI's Avatar
    Today, 06:39 PM
    i think it may have to do with target, actual, and load. You can see my MAF follows boost perfect until my load takes off and my actual boost doesnt.
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  • V8Bait's Avatar
    Today, 06:37 PM
    Probably due to your vanos mapping. Log your intake cam.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 06:11 PM
    I'll need the luck. Time to get back to work on it.
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  • konvikt21's Avatar
    Today, 06:06 PM
    Yep, halos and taillight don't go off at any switch position. But it was closer to 13v and stable the entire time. Sticky I for one would greatly appreciate if BB flash became more widely used again. I've had no luck finding anyone willing to tune if they can't use MHD. Best of luck with that project. :rolleyes:
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  • RSL's Avatar
    Today, 05:59 PM
    RSL replied to a thread Scaled (3-column) map discussion in N54
    RR600s. That is certainly possible. One of the first things I tried were VANOS adjustments. When I moved the spool to 3300, load at exit didn't change really and I had everything blended between spool and main tables. It might've moved just enough between cells though or maybe it wasn't blended well enough to begin with, but was certainly surprised to see it moving down. When I moved spool down though, the spool exit load changed and I blended AFR and timing there. I didn't touch VANOS for that, but below 3000 RPM, mine are close already for RPM and only vary by load. There's still a small hump between spool exit and scaling start with low spool exit, just nowhere near as bad. I'm going to keep playing with it once I get boost/loads set because they'll impact it for sure.
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  • V8Bait's Avatar
    Today, 05:51 PM
    V8Bait replied to a thread dwell table changes anyone? in N54
    I've tried changing them to see how it effects misfires at high boost (30psi and up), but nothing to really report.
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  • Chris@CKI's Avatar
    Today, 05:17 PM
    E85 definitely has a higher potential to wash cylinders than meth. Regardless, people have been injecting extreme high volumes of meth, e85 and race gas thru pi where it's a known fact di at certain levels can wash them quite well. Every engine is different, bore, stroke and spray pattern aren't consistent variables. This is why our DMEs have cyl wash specific tables. It's cool Tony is running full di on e85 especially on the shop race car, not hating at all, but looking at the current logs for a street application maxing out the hfp sensor and running in the upper 3500's isn't ideal. There's no special tables other than what's already out there running it. It's just increasing the deltap between cyl and fuel pressure.
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  • Chris@CKI's Avatar
    Today, 04:49 PM
    Spool mode uses AFR's, vanos, timing etc. It is possible that during spool your using more air (maf) and when it drops out that could change before recovering. Are you on oems? I've been doing a lot of spool testing lately my self and haven't noticed any maf dip. Granted I'm on a ST but maf is just a modeled number. There's a few other spool mode deactivation tables none of which seem to effect what your seeing.
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  • Redbeanbun's Avatar
    Today, 04:38 PM
    those 2 stock td03 turbos are tough little buggers .....
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  • RSL's Avatar
    Today, 03:57 PM
    Hoping to get some discussion going on the finer points/peculiarities of tuning scaled (3-column) MAP bins. I'm messing with my first one and while it's proving easier than pushing INA0S over ceiling to get 20psi, it brings to light some things your don't see in an unscaled map. For example... I've been trying to smooth out an MAF "dip", for lack of a better word. That's exactly what it looked like to me at first, but all evidence to the contrary. It mostly bothered me since boost control uses it, the dip was smack in the middle of coming up to target and seemed pretty severe. It even fell as boost/RPM increased, but most often, it would stay static for a few hundred RPM and then began to rise again. You'd expect the slope to change as the scaling started reporting lower data, but it seemed excessive. Boost, boost target, WGDC MAF (g/s) (red): After messing with some things, I decided to change my spool mode RPM. It was set for 3000RPM, which also happens to be break points for all kinds of other stuff, so I wanted to push it out of the way to eliminate it as a factor as I moved forward. I upped it to 3300 RPM and, lo and behold, the spot where MAF dipped moved up with it and the start of the "dip" became even more pronounced. The light bulb finally came on. The usual values passed around for 3-column scaling start it ~10psi, so the scaling starts during my spool (somewhere around 2700-2800 RPM depending when I floor it), BUT logs say that scaled boost doesn't take effect until spool mode ends, no matter where that is. jyamona@motiv martial@mhd, there is either an undiscovered MAP (spool) table somewhere or the scaled logic just isn't active during fuel mode 20. Not exactly a crisis, but noteworthy. So, for the time being, I moved the spool mode below the 10psi area (2600 RPM) and the sizeable deviation at changeover to scaled is gone and/or at least in a less crucial area. The "sag" remains due to the scaling and will change with boost/tuning from here on out, but for now, once its hits ~19psi, MAF (purple) comes up and stays pretty linear after that. Maybe everyone knows this already and I'm way late to the party, but I sure didn't find much of anything on scaled maps, so I wanted to get a bit more in-depth discussion going...or at least have a place to post when I get hung up or come across something interesting with it :D
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  • blisstik's Avatar
    Today, 03:48 PM
    Sacramento area
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  • Payam@BMS's Avatar
    Today, 03:42 PM
    Payam@BMS replied to a thread Motiv single turbo questions in N54
    I have done this to one of our customers on a VM Top mount I don't have pictures though. The coolant outlet pipe we welded a -4AN Male SS line to the wastegate. Then another SS line from wastegate to a coolant block fitting with a -4AN male.
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  • sliderslider's Avatar
    Today, 03:39 PM
    Still Single Turbo > Twin..... Lets get with the program
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  • Ericbh77's Avatar
    Today, 03:36 PM
    Here's an example of a Wiseco piston with fuel bowl in it. Now of course this piston is not for the N54 and the placement of the bowl may differ due to the entry angle of the injector in our engine.
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  • aliray335's Avatar
    Today, 03:31 PM
    wait so if you change the tmap sensors you can safely make more boost on the factory turbos ??
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  • Ericbh77's Avatar
    Today, 03:14 PM
    That's one reason high HP making DI engines notch a bowl in the pistons to deflect fuel spray towards spark plug and not piston walls, to help minimize wall wetting.
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  • Chris@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    Today, 02:26 PM
    Chris, we're already in the wall wetting stage with most meth kits. Not ideal. To make a positive statement about wall washing in-cylinder with DI only you'd have to do a lot of homework but I'd guess you're not that far off at the absurd power levels you're talking about. When does that start? Hard to tell. Our recent work with DI only is showing some promise but it's down-the-line stuff, if ever. Still we're over 600 whp with DI only on the prototype setup. I agree that some combination of PI and DI seems pretty useful and easy to implement, and at the very least helps keep the valves clean. If I had endless resources I'd like to experiment with beefed up primary DI and secondary water injection to stave off pre-ignition. You could add a little meth to that to drop charge temps of course but if you don't need it for fuel, you can use what mix makes most sense on your setup/climate/goals. Chris
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  • Jeffman's Avatar
    Today, 02:14 PM
    Btw, I'm flash only.
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Today, 02:12 PM
    Welcome to a real enthusiast forum ErnestinaI.
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  • Msport335's Avatar
    Today, 01:51 PM
    went to the track with the e60 tune and trapped 120 multiple times....its consistent but i just couldn't hook up on the street 60ft was 2.08.....1/4 mile times resulted in only a 12.2 and 12.3. now very interested in a meth setup since my IAT's suck. outside air temps were 80 deg f. is the AEM kit the only way to go with MHD flash only?
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  • sudo4re's Avatar
    Today, 01:40 PM
    I'm curious as to how the Aquamist safeguard works with a N54. When the Aquamist controller detects a fault in the system, does it cut the 5v to the boost solenoids to dump boost or is it the other way around? In other word, is the voltage to the solenoids normally is at 5v and if it sees a 0v signal then the boost solenoids are deactivated and all the boost are dumped. Thanks
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  • Chris@Boost Concepts Inc's Avatar
    Today, 01:30 PM
    .7 BSFC is PLENTY of margin for fueling in reality .6 is plenty but I always like the availability of being able to increase fuel without having to go past 80% duty cycle on injectors. the bigger issue we will be facing is in pressure verse flow. when the big power cars start pushing larger turbos, I am sure 40+psi is going to be needed. this is going to require max pressure from the pumps. As an example, with a 72psi base pressure (if left static as the factory system is, you will only have a pressure differential on the PI side of 32psi. this is NOT ideal for getting efficiancy out of a PI injector. spray pattern gets diminished, and controlling the fuel mix becomes problematic due to wall wetting. ideally you will need a rising rate regulator to maintain at least a 50psi pressure differential. that means we will need pumps capable of supplying high volume at 90psi head pressure. no small task. this is right around where the relief valve opens on the Walbro F90000267 450lph pumps. luckily walbro also has the F90000274 High Pressure 450LPH verion that will hold ~115psi before the relief valve opens. however flow at these pressures is drastically reduced and amperage draw is significantly increased. you will need to contend with those obstacles along the way. I think DI in combination with PI is actually the best solution available especially when using ethanol based fuels. the cooling effect on the intake port and valve coupled with further cooling of the cylinder separately will give the most tolerable atmosphere for power. the heat removed from the charge air will be very efficient and the intake ports remain clean and free flowing. best of both worlds, an the DI operates at part throttle conditions offering maximum fuel efficiency and crisp drivability. hard to go wrong there. I also think that once you start trying to spray as much fuel through DI as a 1000+ whp small displacement engine is going to need, you inevitably start getting into the issue of wall washing the cylinders and removing oil from lubricating the rings. this will promote increased wear and heat as well as drag robbing horsepower. the thin film of oil helps fill the micro voids in the cylinder wall and increase heat transfer from the piston to the cooling system. With PI, (sequential at least) the injector is fired shortly after intake valve closing which then uses the heat generated by the following power stroke to draw heat out of the intake valve for its liquid to gaseous phase change. It also pulls heat out of the intake port walls and dead charge air in the port which condenses it allowing room for additional air flow (this offsets a lot of the volume the fuel actually takes up). When the intake valve opens there should be minimal fluid state fuel remaining allowing for the DI to handle the fine tune feedback fueling. and pulling heat out of the crown of the piston helping take some of the load off the rings. this is a bit more indepth look at benefits to the dual fueling system. Chris
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  • Jeffman's Avatar
    Today, 01:16 PM
    Hey @Msport335, Your log looks really similar to this one I did about two weeks ago: To get even higher boost, I've installed N20 TMAP and use MHD MBoost option with 3 pt scaled TMAP. I'm still dialing in my tune as my boost pressure are 25+ on my stockers (!!! Holy S&$T) I did last week which over torqued my transmission and sent me to the side of I95 in Philly for 2 minutes while I cleared the codes. Check out the log which I believe gives about 400 HP / 520 ft-lb on stock turbos, stock DP and stock inlets. I think I'm f$&@ing lucky...
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  • Chris@Boost Concepts Inc's Avatar
    Today, 12:43 PM
    We don't have a "stage 3" what we will be offering will be substantially more, it will be geared for the market looking for all out power capped by the other vendors offerings. we will also release a simple 2 pump bucket but that will be closer to fall most likely. We are currently working very hard to bring these products to market but a few design changes along the way have happened to make the product powerful yet simple to install. as with anything when a change is made there is a increase in lead time. we are on schedule to release Port Injection in the next 3-4 weeks and probably 5-6 weeks for the first batch of the modular fuel pumps to go out to selected beta testers for independent field review. Thanks! Chris
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  • ajehoti's Avatar
    Today, 12:26 PM
    ajehoti replied to a thread Motor build in N54
    What does your build consist of ??
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  • The Convert's Avatar
    Today, 12:08 PM
    Anyone running one of the Motiv kits and water cooling their wastegate? I'm planning on doing this when I swap kits over, but want to see pics of how you guys have the plumbing run. I'd like to buy the fittings ahead of time if possible. Post pics if you have them, or if you've just seen a pic of it post that please. Thanks!
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Today, 11:32 AM
    Hey MartinaKue: :text-welcomewave:
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