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  • Sticky's Avatar
    03-18-2015, 04:41 PM
    It is somewhat surprising it took this long to get solutions to air restriction woes with upgraded N54 OEM twins. The pictures, specifications, pricing, and dyno results were released by Vargas Turbo Technology for their silicone intake tubes last month but it is always nice to see results from other sources with the same product. BrenTuning shared a 2007 BMW E92 335i before and after with VTT Stage 2 turbos picking up nearly 70 wheel horsepower (note, this is not peak WHP but a peak gain) at redline with just the addition of the intake tubes and no additional tuning. That is a massive difference. BrenTuning states it is around ~90 wheel horsepower gained toward redline but it looks more in the 70 range to us. A real dyno session will better shed light on this. Keep in mind this graph is from a virtual dyno and additional tuning will accompany the intakes but this clearly highlights the backpressure issue and that the silicone intake tubes are removing a significant restriction. Also, the area in the powerband getting the most benefit is toward redline where it is badly needed:
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    03-04-2015, 05:52 PM
    So our awesome #punisher #ABR built motor showed up today. We will be using this thread to document the following installation, and results as we get them. Want to give a HUGE thanks to @alex over at ABR, one of the best guys in this platform to work with. We will be putting the first production Stage 3 kit on the car with our GTX2867 option, as the production kits are nearing completion. Once we get it all installed, and tested, we will then be bumping it up to the new Garrett GTX2871's which have 1100BHP worth of flow, that should get us over the 1000WHP mark. Results will be posted as we get them. Stay tuned!
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  • gull123's Avatar
    03-21-2015, 06:11 PM
    gull123 started a thread RB versus VTT 2+ in N54
    Need some help here.Having an issue what turbo to buy for my BMW 135I ? VTT stage 2+ or Rb Turbos. I heard that RB's spool a lot sooner than VTT stage2+, but VTT has more top end.I think for daily driver maybe the RB's? Any feedback will be appreciated. re; Ed.:dance:
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    03-15-2015, 01:18 PM
    So you upgraded your turbos, to get 500+WHP, but now your car is smoking a little bit, or a lot, well there are quite a few things it can be and your turbo is the least likely. On this N54 platform, its most likely the PCV system unless you have an issue with Oil pressure or drains. This is from one of the biggest names in aftermarket turbos, and something we tell many customers. Also take note THE SIZE OF YOUR PCV LINES MATTERS. Going down in size from stock is not a good idea when upping your WHP levels. They suggest two -10's for 400WHP!!!!! People are now running 600+WHP on one -8, and one -10. I have been saying all along I feel this is too small. The 3/4 hose or -12 is the way to go on these big WHP ST cars. Anyways, I wont beat that dead horse, its a good read.
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  • pobudz's Avatar
    03-05-2015, 01:19 PM
    The MOTIV 750 kit, MOTIV Port Injection and AEM EMS4 are finally all installed and working. I'm calling this a progress thread because progress is currently stopped due to what we are currently calling a boost leak. At 30% WGDC I make 21 psi, at 100% WGDC I make 22psi... so something is up and we suspect a leak of some sort. That being said, here are a few pictures and details to keep you entertained while I sort out the issues with Jake. HUGE thanks to Steve (Fuel-IT) for spending a few hours with me at the dyno and helping out. The fuel system is working flawlessly, HPFP and LPFP numbers looked perfect. Datazap logs below... keep in mind some of the monitors are now done via AEMTuner which has its own data logging. Everything installed and in its final place. Vibrant vacuum block, recommended by Jake. Great place for the 5 bar MAP sensor to sit, and for the various vacuum lines (FPR, Manifold, BOV). Fuel pressure regulator connected to the HPFP and secondary Stage3+ fuel pump. Wiring everything up... easy but tedious. Lots of heat shrink and soldering. Teaser dyno graph... 7 psi "stock boost" on E50 Teaser dyno graph... 22 psi "low boost" on E50 For those interested, here are the wiring notes for the AEM harness: AEM GPIO1 -> Ground on Stage3+ fuel relay AEM IGN SW -> Cig Lighter tap (or Green Plug/Orange wire/Pin #2 in DME box) AEM GPIO5 -> Wastegate solenoid (MAC) AEM Red Spare Power wire -> Wastegate solenoid (MAC) AEM Blue Crank Signal -> Tap on DME Box/Large Black Sub connector/Pin #2 9 AEM White VSS -> Tap on DME Box/Grey Sub connector/Pin #17 AEM White TPS -> Tap on DME Box/Grey Sub connector/Pin #7 AEM INJ1 -> Injector harness, injectors 1 & 6 AEM INJ2 -> Injector harness, injectors 2 & 5 AEM INJ3 -> Injector harness, injectors 3 & 4 AEM Red INJ Power -> Injector harness, all injectors power wires AEM Red/White/Black bundle -> AEM 5.2 MAP Sensor (diagram above) AEM Red Big Power wire -> Battery positive terminal (engine bay, 10mm bolt) AEM Black Ground -> Battery negative terminal (use ground under positive terminal in engine bay) AEM 5.2 bar MAP sensor wiring diagram for future reference Datazap logs: 30% WGDC 100% WGDC
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  • Slicksilver's Avatar
    02-25-2015, 01:22 PM
    Hello everyone. I’ve been working on a project for the N54 community for a couple months but had not announced it since I wanted to be sure the concept was feasible. I have done enough now to know the concept is good so ready to share my R&D progress with the community. Description It is a TD04L-20T with true 20T native compressor housing. The 20T mistubishi profile compressor wheel is a forged billet wheel with extended tip technology from BorgWarner. The Turbo consist of a TD04 bearing housing modified to connect to stock oil lines, coolant lines and stock turbine housing. The turbine housing has been modified to accept the TD04L turbine and flange up to the TD04 bearing housing. The kit will include upgraded inlet pipe system and also charge pipe system optimized for the high flowing native 20T compressor housing which is over twice the size/flow of stock compressor housing. This will make sure the turbos are flowing to their maximum potential along with the upgraded plumbing for the turbo included. This turbo can push up to 35psi of boost and not sure what the actual WHP will be on the N54, but with proper fueling and meth cooling should be in the 750whp-800whp range theoretically at those boost levels near redline according to estimated compressor map and turbo HP calcs. Schedule Current schedule is to finish development of the prototype set in 1 month and install on my car and test and tune/dyno and then get them on 2-3 beta testers cars by April or May. If all goes well, start selling the kits to you all in 3-4 months and start it off with a discounted group buy of 10-20 kits or so (depends on demand). I have completed my test fit on an N54 motor and finalized the designs for the wastegate actuator mounting and modifications and charge pipe (turbo to IC) design as well as making sure everything is going to fit on the engine. Everything went perfect on the fitup of the turbo to the engine so that’s when I decided it was time to start sharing R&D progress with the N54 community. Testing On my prototype system I plan to do dyno test and tune and push them to the maximum as I will have all the supporting fuel mods needed. I will be doing full logging of course. In addition, I will be doing custom turbo logging never before seen on the N54. Not only will I be logging EGT and backpressure (done before) to check health of the turbine but also I will log pressure and temperature at the turbo inlet and also at the turbo outlet which will tell me exactly what pressure ratios the turbo is working at and also at what efficiency. This compressor logging has never been done to my knowledge on the N54 but is the only real way to understand the compressor health during turbo operation. Quality The turbos are purchased from a large turbo supplier. I bought the CHRA from them to my specs which were basically TD04 bearing housing with 04L turbine and 20T billet 6x6 compressor wheel with extended tip technology from BorgWarner (for more boost, google it). Pics Now some pics to show you some progress
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  • Kommodore's Avatar
    03-08-2015, 04:03 PM
    So, this car is really beast. If your friend has a MOTIV kit, and he offers to give you a ride, just say no. Because, then you will put yourself on a ramen diet for the next 3 years to be able to get your own. And, by the time it's installed, you would had died of cardiac arrest because you've been eating ramen for the past 3 years. :D There was some absurd EVOMS Porsche that trapped 227, and unfortunately I left right as one of the local Supercharged M3's showed up, but hopefully pobudz got that on his GoPro. I'm sure he'll share the rest of the details, but I got word that he did trap 160 so far. This run was 153 or 154, due mainly in part to my fat ass weighing the car down most likely.
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  • Ingeniator's Avatar
    03-02-2015, 12:14 PM
    Ok so with the ability to flash BMW's coming to android what Android phone would you buy. I still prefer iOS over android for the refinments but I'm sure I could customize android to what I want so I need the right hardware should I go Nexus6(or whatever the newest one is) Samsung S6/S6edge or the HTC M9. I prefer the smaller form factors but that doesn't seem to exist anymore. But I pretty much need it to be waterproof or have a case that is that I can buy ie lifeproof etc.
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  • Legionofboom's Avatar
    03-18-2015, 08:09 PM
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    03-05-2015, 01:12 AM
    They posted this pic but not much else. I know we have a guy running the Pure Turbos setup. Looks like there is a good amount of N55 demand and hopefully we will see more turbo upgraded N55's:
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  • Terry@BMS's Avatar
    03-01-2015, 06:14 PM
    Terry@BMS started a thread New n54 trap record in N54
    I was able to attend a track day at Famoso raceway today. The scheduled start time was 9am but that got pushed back due to a rain delay. It was around noon before we got to do any runs. I decided to race our 135i with the new MOTIV 750 kit today and just go for traps. To that end I ran on the normal 245/45/17 555Rs and just launched the car in 2nd gear with boost capped at 12-15psi. Logs on the dyno looked great fueling wise but as soon as I started doing runs at 26psi at the track, a problem became apparent. The low pressure pump was not keeping up. So I wasn't able to do any high boost runs as I had originally planned. As the day went on fuel pressure got worse and worse. Still, managed a respectable 136.4mph trap speed. I've attached the log of the run so you can see how bad the fuel situation was. It actually did a map4 switched right at the cones so I may have gone a bit faster had the pressure hung on a bit longer. After this run, I decided to pack it up and head home. Only to my surprise, after parking the car, it wouldn't start. An hour of diagnostics later I figured out both my inline 255 & my fuel pump controller shorted out. Luckily I was able to hotwire the primary pump with some spare wire to get the car home under its own power. I've got a Fuel-It Stage3 bucket in the garage that will go in and I'll have to probably order another controller. Anyway next time, whenever that is, I should be able to run enough boost to hit 140mph. I figure it will take 32psi. Then I'll strap on the Hoosier slicks and start working on the launches.
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  • Slicksilver's Avatar
    03-22-2015, 07:23 AM Dont know if link will work but in the Facebook page of horsepower barn/ AD engineering in Dallas, they just dyno tuned thier 6766 single turbo kit to 747 whp. I'm not sure but from what I read quickly online, I think dyno dynamics reads 14% lower than dynojet, it's the best load based dyno for tuning on the market I think and reads lower than mustang dyno. They should put it on a dynojet and might be the highest hp N54 yet, who knows :)
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    03-20-2015, 03:18 PM
    Magazine test numbers are becoming useless. Nevermind the fact some manufacturers like Ferrari hold magazines hostage if the numbers do not show what they want some of them just flat out cheat. Have you ever heard of press files being used in magazine test cars? What it means is that the car being tested is not the car you will be buying. BMW apparently had several press files for the F10 M5. This all really started with the turbo era as you could not play around with output using software back in the naturally aspirated M era the way you can now. So, some manufacturers turn up boost and disable certain safeguards (limp mode) in the ECU and send the car to be tested. It's a press beater car anyway so they do not care what happens to it. It makes sorting out what is real and fake incredibly difficult. For example, the fastest Lamborghini Huracan in the world runs the 1/4 mile in 10.59 @ 129.12 on a 1/4 mile drag strip. That is an aftermarket ECU tuned example mind you. So how does MotorTrend get 10.6 @ 132.8 out of it? What about Car and Driver's 10.4 @ 135? Somehow real world results on the drag strip do not match the magazines. This latest test is no exception as 12.0 @ 119 is indeed silly quick. That is not to say the F80 M3 and F82 M4 DCT can not replicate these numbers stock as they can. In negative density altitude with race gas. So owners need great weather and race gas to match Car and Driver. Or is it more likely that Car and Driver is not testing on a drag strip (they aren't) thereby inflating their numbers? Is it also possible BMW might be passing around press files again? Is it a combo? Who knows, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to trust magazine times as a realistic representation of what you can achieve yourself in the exact same car. P.S. For those interested in DCT vs. manual transmission discussion Car and Driver ran 12.3 @ 116 in their manual F80 M3 test car. P.S.S. The transmission isn't an automatic Car and Driver. Specifications VEHICLE TYPE:front-engine, rear-wheel-drive, 5-passenger, 4-door sedan PRICE AS TESTED:$84,325 (base price: $65,850) ENGINE TYPE:twin-turbocharged and intercooled DOHC 24-valve inline-6, aluminum block and heads, direct fuel injection DISPLACEMENT:182 cu in, 2979 cc Power: 425 hp @ 7300 rpm Torque: 406 lb-ft @ 1850 rpm TRANSMISSION:7-speed dual-clutch automatic with manual shifting mode DIMENSIONS: Wheelbase: 110.7 in Length: 184.5 in Width: 73.9 in Height:56.1 in Passenger/cargo volume: 96/12 cu ft Curb weight: 3613 lb C/D TEST RESULTS: Zero to 60 mph: 3.8 sec Zero to 100 mph: 8.5 sec Zero to 130 mph: 14.5 sec Zero to 160 mph: 25.8 sec Rolling start, 5-60 mph: 4.5 sec Top gear, 30-50 mph: 1.9 sec Top gear, 50-70 mph: 2.7 sec Standing -mile: 12.0 sec @ 119 mph Top speed (governor limited): 163 mph Braking, 70-0 mph: 153 ft Roadholding, 300-ft-dia skidpad: 0.99 g FUEL ECONOMY: EPA city/highway driving: 17/24 mpg C/D observed: 20 mpg
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  • JMARS's Avatar
    03-02-2015, 05:53 PM
    Hey guys! Post up some of your Custom Oil Catch Can setups (Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words). Some of us know we have to do it but are on the fence as far as which setup to use. So we've established that we NEED to plug the PCV ports in the head, remove the Flapper and we've also seen that AD Engineering @andy_divers makes some pretty sweet fittings that make for a super clean install. Try and post as much knowledgable info as you can. Here I'll Start with @robc1976 's: DIY Custom OCC with AD Engineering Fittings
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  • Terry@BMS's Avatar
    03-09-2015, 11:22 PM
    Terry@BMS started a thread N55: 533whp with an N55! in N55 and N52
    Hey Guys, Was able to get our 435 development car strapped down for a little testing. Per usual I'm short on time so I'll keep this fairly brief. This turbo works really well. So well that we're maxing out the high pressure fuel pump even with meth flowing! Might be time to work on port injection for the platform. Test car: 435i EWG automatic. Mods: JB4, PURE S2 Turbo, ER IC, CP, & DP, BMS Intake, and Meth single CM10 nozzle. Test notes: 1) Ran 50% race gas with the rest a mixture of 91 with a bit of E85 in it. With 100% race gas I think our fuel pressure would hold a bit stronger and we could push the boost a bit higher. 2) The JB4 EWG board has extra AFR target fuel control. But, due to the fueling limitations, we disabled it and ran the OEM air/fuel targets. More on this down the road. 3) We're not able to back end flash map F series cars yet. As a result timing would be higher than we'd like for this power level. To work around this we've developed a DIY circuit to lower the upper timing ceiling ~2 degrees across the board. We're going to suggest this for all larger turbo F series cars. I'll throw up a DIY post tonight or tomorrow. 4) I'm not sure if the transmission is going to be able to hold this power without a reflash to raise it's observed torque. We'll find out soon.
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    03-20-2015, 09:13 PM
    Well folks, its finally almost done. Yes its been two years, yes people have bashed on almost nonstop and for good reason, but they will soon need to find something else to complain about...:P Below are a few pics of a close to production VTT Stage 3 VTX-67R twin turbo kit, there are a few pieces missing such as a couple fittings, heat shield etc, but its very close to complete. We are shooting for a June 1st release date, and hopefully will be shipping our pre-orders a little sooner. If you have a kit on order please make your turbo choice, and get it over to us so we can start getting those ordered. We want to THANK ALL OF OUR PREORDERS for being incredibly patient, and staying the course, this will be the THE N54 turbo kit, you will not be disappointed! As always thanks for the support!
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  • Legionofboom's Avatar
    03-10-2015, 01:34 PM
    Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson has been suspended by the BBC "following a fracas" with a producer.The corporation said the 54-year-old presenter had been suspended "pending an investigation". "No one else has been suspended. Top Gear will not be broadcast this Sunday," it said. Clarkson was given what he called his "final warning" last May after claims he used a racist word while filming the popular BBC motoring show. At the time, he said the BBC had told him he would be sacked if he made "one more offensive remark, anywhere, at any time". The BBC gave no further details on the current incident involving Clarkson, and said it would not be making any further comment at this time. More -
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  • Gmanuel11's Avatar
    03-07-2015, 03:58 AM
    As the title states, the install of my RB's with VTT inlets was finished up last night. The turbos have the billet compressor wheels, as well as the clipped turbines. As most of the people who will read this know, the clipped turbines should provide more flow up top, while the billet compressor wheel will compensate for the lag that clipping causes (and may add a little more airflow, with the "extended tip" design of the wheel. Ha, just the tip). Tuning will be done by PTF, and will consist of a pump gas map, as well as a map for an ethanol mix. I don't have any pictures of the install process, but here are some pictures of the results. I'll keep this thread updated with tuning progress, and virtual dynos. There will eventually be a real dyno and some 60-130 times, but not until the tunes are finished. Edit: Apologies for the oil stains on the balancing sheets, they were in the box with the old turbos.
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  • micho's Avatar
    03-11-2015, 03:44 PM
    micho started a thread My N54! in N54
    Hello great N54 community! I am a new owner of a nice N54 e93 since 3 months ago i do about 3k milles with it and i want learn how get more power! for what i should start? DCI jb4 or BT lead for the flash but i am noob someone know a good guide ?:O Thanks alot!
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  • jputtho2's Avatar
    03-20-2015, 07:04 PM
    First off, I owe HUGE thanks to Jake and the guys at Motiv Motorsports with all of their help with pointers on the tuning side of this and the very high quality products they offer. Also Huge thanks to Chad and Ryan Modified by KC who did the install and tuning on my car. Mike and Aaron and the guys at FFTEC for a very well made turbo kit, and last but not least Steve at Fuel-It taking care of me and my last minute change to the Stg 3+ lpfp! I wouldn't have been able to do this with my life's schedule being so busy with my rapidly growing business and my family. Anyone that knows me knows I'm extremely anal about my cars and in fact was the first time in 10 years that I have trusted someone to work on my cars other than myself. (My cars prior I did all of the assembly, fab work, tuning, etc). This setup is fairly simple as far as mods go and can be replicated easily now that there is a growing support in this community of quality vendors such as the ones I listed above. It's a 100% stock unopened 64k mile long block. It's what I consider a bolt on car. Still has every single creature comfort as one that came from the factory minus the windshield washer reservoir. Well the reservoir is still there the full neck is removed but A/C, heat, cruise, Nav, etc, etc, is still all there and functional. Fuel was 100% e85. To be exact it was e70 winter blend from the pumps that I blended e98 in to bring it up to ~e82. The pumps here should be switching to the summer blend e85 here in a month or so. Injector duty cycle on the port injection was 80% and I can't remember exactly what the DC was for the direct injection but it was roughly the same. I would say its safe to assume 900whp on 100% e85 with this fuel system isn't an issue. MODS: - FFTEC twin scroll Top Mount Precision billet dbb 6466 T4 1.0ar divided, twin Tial MVS WG's - Motiv Motorsports PI-1000 kit - Fuel-It "Hulk"Stg. 3+ lpfp - Cobb AP (Controls the DME/DI) - Haltech Platinum Sport 1000 (controls the PI and boost) - Custom harnesses made by Chad at Modified by KC - Clutchmasters FX850 twin disc - VRSF 7" IC - VRSF charge pipe - Tial Q bov - 4" to dual 3" exhaust The final number was 861whp at 250-255KPA or a peak of 36psi. We were having interference on the rpm pick up for the dyno so I'll post two graphs, one over vehicle speed and the other with engine speed but the engine speed is going to be pretty erratic due to the interference on the pick-up and lost signal. Exact TQ is unknown on the 800+ pulls because of this. It's around 750-760wtq which is low because we had to ramp boost in to keep torque lower due to a "Too Much Torque" limp mode if we gave it all right away on basically anything over 775whp. Otherwise, following what it was was making for tq I would guess it would be around 800wtq and spool would have been about 300-500rpm quicker. The car has A LOT more left in it and this number can easily be broken. My goal today was to make big power but also be able to enjoy after the dyno. I plan on pushing it again this winter until I run out of turbo or the motor lets go and then it'll be a fully forged bottom end, possibly a Motec m142 to simplify the tuning side, and try and do something with the head to make it more rev happy because it really could use another 500-1000rpm. I wouldn't be surprised if the n54 could handle 900-915whp stock. For how long though is the question. I didn't want to be the test mule for the limits of the motor right now. Anyway, we made I think 75-80 pulls on e85 alone, half of those were well over 700whp and I think 5 pulls over 800whp (805, 813, 832, 858, 861). Pull after pull it just wanted more and never showed any signs of slowing up. Here is the 861whp and 832whp graph over vehicle speed. We did make an 858whp pull but the boost control was unhappy bouncing all over hitting target then falling on it's face. This is the 861whp graph with tq reading over engine speed and also showing the dyno losing signal because of the RF interference with the pick-up lead. And then same graph over vehicle speed showing the erratic tq readings again from the reason above. Here is the video of the 861whp pull. (excuse the mismatched wheels, I have new DPE wheels that I was waiting till after the dyno to put on)
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  • fastgti69's Avatar
    03-05-2015, 08:09 PM
    Sup guys! Haven't really posted much lately, nothing new yet to be honest lol. Just waiting to get our Stage 3 LPFP solution from SteveAZ along with testing the new FPR kit with the CPE/BMS Port injection so we can crank up the boost with some full e85! Anyways, I am running the usual method here e40 blend with 100% meth and 2 cm10 nozzles for fueling. We got up to the 1/4 mile track and it started to rain. We waited till about noon when they started to dry the track and we were able to get runs. I just want to say, this is my first time at the 1/4 mile track ever with this car. As well as my second time EVER being on a 1/4 mile track, so you can say I am a newb. I suck at launching and will say it proudly lol. I got the hang of it though, and I can't wait for the next track. This will also show you how bad the shift bog can mess your trap and time. It took me a bit to get it targeted, but you can clearly see how much I improved. This video will show you my first 4 slips: from Left to right All runs are done with Map 7 @ 23 psi. You can see the live gauges in the video fuel is boost, each 1/4 increment is 9lbs of boost. On the right oil temp is timing, I believe each mark is 1*. You can see my first 2 runs I had horrible shift bog, which resulted in horrible time and retarded low trap speeds (115,118) After I got the hang of shifting on point, I did much much better and did a 125 trap speed run. All in the same map LOL This just shows you how much driving a manual n54 can be a pain to get perfect. The last run was the 12.6 run I did in the video. I wanted to do more, but I got a bit tired and just went home for the day.
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  • richpike's Avatar
    03-24-2015, 06:54 PM
    richpike started a thread New S65 Record? 785whp in S65
    Saw this on the other forum. Built motor, ESS VT3. 6mt. Baseline is 93oct, stock headers. 732whp Next he added LT headers. 765whp Finally did a mix of race gas and a smaller pulley. 785whp. Pretty impressive. Lots happening in the E9x chassis lately. I'd love to see some of these high HP M3s and the new high HP 335s battle it out at a 1/2 mile event. -Rich
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    03-17-2015, 04:29 PM
    Funny how Red Bull was not threatening to quit Formula 1 when they were on top and dominating, eh? Actually, Red Bull's threat to quit comes off as kind of pathetic. Maybe they have spent too much time around Ferrari as we expect that kind of behavior from the Italians when they do not get their way. Red Bull Racing though? Come on, grow up and compete. Yes, Mercedes-AMG dominated the 2014 Formula 1 Season. Yes, they started this year with a 1-2 victory this past weekend. So instead of improving and beating Mercedes-AMG Red Bull has threatened to quit unless rule changes are made. Boo hoo too bad Red Bull, quit whining. It should not take rule changes to curb the supremacy of the AMG motor. It should take better engineering from the other engine suppliers. Either beat the Mercedes PU106A hybrid powerplant or use Mercedes-AMG as an engine supplier if you need to. If Mercedes-AMG is on top it is because they earned it. There was a time where Red Bull Racing dominated Mercedes-AMG. It seems Red Bull does not know how to handle being on the receiving end. Just a tad childish. Just a tad. Keep in mind Red Bull is under contract until 2020 with Formula 1. So this is just one of those things to put pressure on Formula 1 to change the rules. Red Bull Racing advisor Helmut Marko: "We will evaluate the situation again as every year and look into costs and revenues. If we are totally dissatisfied we could contemplate an F1 exit."
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  • fieldysnuts8's Avatar
    03-02-2015, 05:03 PM This might be a little desperate, but still pretty funny.
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  • brendanrule's Avatar
    03-19-2015, 01:28 AM
    brendanrule started a thread Why 100% E85 in N54
    Hey I see people run out of fuel system when using 100% E85 on RB's about 500 hp ( correct me if its more or less hp ) What would happen if someone running out of fuel with 100% E85 went back to E40 with MS109? This is thinking about Typical 1/4 mile events only Cheers
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    03-10-2015, 01:11 AM
    We are finally seeing more independent tests of the newest crop of hybrid supercars. Yes, notably absent is the Ferrari LaFerrari as it often will be as Ferrari plays the game like a spoiled child. If you do not play by their rules you do not get a car to test but they are not in this so let's just move on to the companies that do not have their heads up their you know what while telling the world they smell rose petals. These are million plus dollar hybrid supercars, that much everyone knows. However, beyond having absurd price tags in common they are actually quite different. The 918 Spyder uses an all wheel drive drivetrain and is roughly 350 pounds heavier than the P1. The 918 Spyder has less horsepower than the P1 at 887 but significantly more torque at 944 lb-ft. It is slightly slower in a straight line. The P1 is rear wheel drive and lighter at 3411 pounds. That weight is higher than expected but it is nice to have some independent weight figures. The P1 is rated at 904 horsepower and 664 lb-ft of torque. While its turbocharged 3.8 liter V8 makes more torque than the 918 Spyder naturally aspirated 4.6 liter V8 its electric motor produces far less torque at 192 lb-ft. The 918 has two electric motors at both axles instead of one electric motor in the back like the P1. This is interesting as it leads to the 918 Spyder again winning a track comparison against the P1 this time at Laguna Seca. Why does it win? We believe its all wheel drive combined with its greater electric torque allows the 918 Spyder to use the instant electric torque and traction advantage to pull harder out of corners. It can get on the power sooner plus its tires are wider. You may remember that EVO compared the 918 Spyder and the P1 around the track and the 918 won the first round. McLaren then sent different tires and the P1 set a faster laptime on a different day. McLaren changed the conditions of the test to win. Look, however you want to slice it these are two incredible machines and anyone would be fortunate to own either. McLaren's engineers were there for this test and they adjusted tire pressures and requested multiple laps. The P1 could not best the 918 Spyder at Laguna Seca. Make of that what you will. The data is below. Along with the reason the LaFerrari did not appear: "Competition requires showing up. We sought a LaFerrari to join the P1 and the 918. McLaren sent tech support, Porsche a 918, but Ferrari refused to grant permission for hot laps and data acquisition to the LaFerrari owner we had lined up." 2015 McLaren P1 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder POWERTRAIN/CHASSIS DRIVETRAIN LAYOUT Mid-engine, RWD Mid-engine, AWD ENGINE TYPE Twin-turbo 90-deg V-8, alum block/heads, plus AC electric motor 90-deg V-8, alum block/heads, plus 2 AC electric motors VALVETRAIN DOHC, 4 valves/cyl DOHC, 4 valves/cyl DISPLACEMENT 231.8 cu in/3,799 cc 280.3 cu in/4,593 cc COMPRESSION RATIO 8.1:1 13.5:1 BATTERY TYPE Lithium-ion Lithium-ion POWER (SAE NET) 727 hp (gas)/177 hp (elec)/904 hp (comb) 608 hp (gas)/285 hp (elec)/ 887 hp (comb) TORQUE (SAE NET) 531 lb-ft (gas)/192 lb-ft (elec)/664 lb-ft (comb) 398 lb-ft (gas)/431 lb-ft (elec)/ 944 lb-ft (comb) REDLINE 8,300 rpm 9,150 rpm WEIGHT TO POWER 3.8 lb/hp 4.2 lb/hp TRANSMISSION 7-speed twin-clutch auto. 7-speed twin-clutch auto. AXLE/FINAL-DRIVE RATIO 3.31:1/2.27:1 3.09:1/2.07:1 SUSPENSION, FRONT; REAR Control arms, coil springs, adj shocks, hydraulic roll and downforce resistance; control arms, coil springs, adj shocks, hydraulic roll and downforce resistance Control arms, coil springs, air lift, anti-roll bar; multi-link, coil springs, anti-roll bar STEERING RATIO 12.2:1 (est) 12.3-16.6:1 TURNS LOCK-TO-LOCK 2.2 2.3 BRAKES, F;R 15.4-in vented carbon-ceramic disc; 15.0-in vented carbon-ceramic disc, ABS 16.1-in vented, drilled carbon-ceramic disc; 15.4-in vented, drilled-carbon ceramic disc, ABS WHEELS, F;R 9.0 x 19-in; 11.5 x 20-in, forged aluminum 9.5 x 20-in; 12.5 x 21-in, forged magnesium TIRES, F;R 245/35R19 93Y; 305/30R20 103Y Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R 265/35R20 95Y; 325/30R21 104Y Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 DIMENSIONS WHEELBASE 105.1 in 107.5 in TRACK, F/R 65.3/63.1 in 65.5/63.5 in LENGTH x WIDTH x HEIGHT 180.6 x 76.6 x 44.8-46.8 in 182.9 x 76.4 x 46.0 in TURNING CIRCLE 39.0 ft 41.7 ft CURB WEIGHT 3,411 lb 3,758 lb WEIGHT DIST., F/R 40/60% 43/57% SEATING CAPACITY 2 2 HEADROOM 37.6 in 38.4 in LEGROOM 44.2 in 35.0 in SHOULDER ROOM 53.1 in 54.7 in CARGO VOLUME 4.2 cu ft 3.7 cu ft TEST DATA ACCELERATION TO MPH* 0-30 1.2 sec 1.2 sec 0-40 1.7 1.6 0-50 2.1 2.0 0-60 2.6 2.4 0-70 3.0 3.0 0-80 3.5 3.6 0-90 4.1 4.3 0-100 4.7 5.1 PASSING, 45-65 MPH 0.9 0.9 QUARTER MILE 9.8 sec @ 148.9 mph 10.0 sec @ 145.2 mph 2.21-MI ROAD COURSE LAP 90.71 sec 89.89 sec CONSUMER INFO BASE PRICE $1,150,000 $847,975 PRICE AS TESTED $1,207,262 $1,028,875 STABILITY/TRACTION CONTROL Yes/Yes Yes/Yes AIRBAGS Dual front, front side/head, front knee Dual front, front side BASIC WARRANTY 3 yrs/Unlimited miles 4 yrs/50,000 miles POWERTRAIN WARRANTY 3 yrs/Unlimited miles 4 yrs/50,000 miles ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE 3 yrs/Unlimited miles 4 yrs/50,000 miles FUEL CAPACITY 16.9 gal 18.5 gal EPA COMBINED ECON 17 mpg/18 mpg-e (gas/gas+elec) 22 mpg/67 mpg-e (gas/elec) ENERGY CONS., COMB 198/187 kW-hrs/100 miles (gas/gas+elec) 153/50 kW-hrs/100 mi (gas/elec) CO2 EMISSIONS, GAS/EV 1.11/0.93 lb/mile (gas/gas+elec) 0.88/0 lb/mile (gas/elec, at vehicle) RECOMMENDED FUEL Unleaded premium Unleaded premium * Acceleration figures from pre-production vehicles
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