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  • Chris@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    08-03-2016, 08:17 PM
    Hey guys, We posted about the GC giveaway before but the participation was very low, so after tossing ideas back and forth, we decided to wrap it up with a twist -now anyone can enter. These are the fully cast twins that hit 570+ on 93 octane and 730+ whp on ethanol! You do NOT have to be a GC owner to win. You just need to enter via posting in this thread that you want to be in the drawing. If you're a previous GC purchaser, enter here and post your order number. If you're not a GC owner, no problem, just tell us you want in (in this thread) and you're there. We're opening this up starting today (8/3/16) and will hold the drawing on 8/16/16, so you have a week to get in. Prizes: If a GC owner wins: Full Refund If a non-GC owner wins: Free GC's Rules: -This will be posted in a few places; only one entrance per person or you're disqualified. I.e. don't enter on 2 different forums. -Everyone has to re-enter, including previous GC owners who entered the original drawing (I will email everyone who emailed me directly with a heads up about the new rules) -Enter by posting in this thread that you want in the contest. If you bought GC's, post your order number. -Winner needs to post impressions/results within 6 weeks of receiving the GC's, or if they got a refund, get them installed and post results within 6 week of the refund. You're getting free turbos, but we'd like some feedback and results posted! -Giveaway starts today (8/3/16),and ends on 8/10/16. We will post the winner that following weekend.
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  • Torgus's Avatar
    08-04-2016, 08:54 PM
    it sounds like for the last 4-5 years you have not had a car that can match a fbo 15k n54. is that right?
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    08-04-2016, 09:56 PM
    2016 is the year N54 automatic transmission upgrades become reality. There have been various posts detailing options and Propulsive Dynamics showed technical details on their upgrades and the capacity increases possible on the ZF 6HP21 automatic that many of you with E9X 335's and E82 135's own. The automatic transmission will no longer be left out of the fun when running big boost on the N54 motor. For those who would like to get in on the upgrade early there are three beta tester spots available. If you are interested consider the following information: 1. Propulsive Dynamics strongly advises that the end user also either rebuilds or replaces the valve-body and torque converter. This would preferably be done through European Transmissions located in Atlanta, GA. 2. Propulsive Dynamics strongly advises that the end user utilize an ATF cooler to aide in heat management of the system. 3. The High Performance Kit includes Upgraded Clutch Kit with increased plate counts in key clutches, Upgraded Bushing Kit with proprietary bi-metallic alloy, and a ZF 6HP19/21 Universal Overhaul Kit. 4. Pricing for the Beta Kit is $1899 plus shipping. If you are interested please contact @Jason@PropulsiveDynamics on the forum or through e-mail at If you have any questions feel free to ask them below.
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  • frontside0815's Avatar
    08-23-2016, 02:55 AM
    Hey guys, since here in Germany we are not having that much guys trying to get around with the different fueling mods for running higher HP Output than what the original DI is capable off, i thought registering myself here is a good idea. I read almost all threads for fueling, wether it is TBI, PI oder the Brainstorming about upgrading our DI System. What came out is, that up to today the PI System isnīt the best, cause it is controlled by an external Controller. Which means on the one Hand, the failsafe cuttings from our original DME doesnīt work concerning shutting down the Injectors from the PI, when there are Problems happening (or too late) and on the other Hand you will have Problems during a shift with manuel Transmission. All of that results in a hyperlean condition, which seem to be the reason for a bunch of engine/Piston damages. What i dont understand is: 50% on the Forums for our beloved engine are having the mods for doing way more horsepower than what the car OEM can do. All of the guys who run more than 500-550HP have to use PI. Are all of the users of PI are having the Problems i described above? I mean i cannot really understand how so much threads about bigger Hybrids/single Turbos come up, when we donīt have a safe solution for fueling? Then another question for PI and the way it works: Is it right that the Injectors are getting fuel from only the lpfp? The question i ask all These things is that i am going to upgrade my Turbos with hybrid TTE550 ones (which are the most realiable Turbos i have ever heard off besides Single). These are capable more than what our DI can do. I will be okay with a number between 500-550HP for the beginning, but i know that i am going to look for Options above that number, since the Turbos are capable of 600HP+... Since i plan track the car quite frequently i am looking for a safe solution. Not a solution which isnīt able to provide safety. Here in Germany we are able to drive 1 hour WOT, which means the stress for the engine is way higher than what most of you guys are doing (drag strips, 3 seconds WOT etc.)... Sorry for my bad english, looking Forward for a happy discussion :) :music-rockout:
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  • The Convert's Avatar
    08-13-2016, 10:12 PM
    Sticky, you run a website. I work in manufacturing engineering for the aerospace industry. I've also been through a high performance engine building program and one of the classes was specifically about cylinder heads. So, let's recap...I HAVE ported and polished cylinder heads, replaced and cut 5 angle valve seats, ground valve faces and the stem, decked heads, decked blocks, bored and honed cylinders, align bored the mains, blue printed the entire engine, ran heads on a flow bench, and assembled engines. I also work in manufacturing where I use cad/cam software to model tooling and write programs for 5+ axis laser drillers, and went to school for mechanical engineering. You run a website. i think I have a little more experience in this area than you do.
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  • martymil's Avatar
    08-19-2016, 03:49 AM
    I've been doing a lot of reading and have possibly figured out how to install the m4 dual pump system on the n54 engine To start of with n54 vacuum pump This is the m4 vacuum pump and dual pump drive kit By the looks of it the vacuum pumps are the same just the rear housings are different which could most likely be changed easily Now the actual pumps have different electrical connections then the n54 But the n55 pump has the same connector as our pump Now this is just all speculation but I thought I would put it out there for someone to try if they have the resources and the know how to try this If the pump ever failed it would also be hell of a lot cheaper to replace because they are only 2 to 3 hundred each
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  • MM Performance's Avatar
    08-11-2016, 06:48 PM
    Here are the flow test results for the MMP ported N54 head. Stock intake and exhaust valve lift is about .400 in Testing was done on a single cylinder using a flow bench by a third party. Not sure but I think these are the first flow test results I have seen published for the N54, if not please link to other results as I would be curious to compare. Intake gets a large improvement at stock lift at about 30% flow increase Exhaust gets a nominal improvement at stock lift at about 10% flow increase The most important one is the intake. Some other interesting info from the additional test point at a lift of .500, looks like we could benefit from a intake cam with a more aggressive lift but not really from an exhaust cam. Also for the cost of a new intake cam, not sure if the 5% increase in flow is worth it. Going with .5mm larger Ferrea valves on intake and exhaust will help get more flow, if I had to guess maybe another 5% more as flow area only increase by 3% or so so I wouldn't expect major gains from that. The major gains seems to be from the porting work definitely. Very happy with the results in creased flow on the intake and exhaust port. You can see in the before and after pics below of the porting that the exhaust port is already semi ported and the intake port has a ledge and some hard corners which is why the intake benefits the most from the porting in the valve bowl primarily plus its a 31.5mm intake valve vs a 28mm valve on the exhaust so porting results are more pronounced on the intake. Here is more info on the ported heads and pics, its a repost from my ARP/built engine preview thread, but posted here for info purpose of this thread. MMP PORTED AND REBUILT N54 HEAD Before Pics of valve bowls After pics of valve bowls This port and polish is done by hand and takes a long time. Valve job includes new exhaust and intake valve guide seal, cleaning, checking for tolerances and rebuild of valves and springs into head. Also includes decking flat the head. $1500 Ferrea valve train can also be done. I think this is overkill as the stock valves and springs are very good especially at the max RPMs N54s currently run at, but if you want it we can do it for you. +$2000 for full Ferrea valve train. if interested in any of this stuff, send me an email at and let me know how I can help you in your build. Don't PM me here as I don't check them often. thanks for reading, -Mauricio
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  • 135pats's Avatar
    08-09-2016, 09:40 AM
    I'm going to do a manual swap while waiting for the built 6AT solution; my transmission is totally dunzo and i'm bored @20psi :P I've been able to source a local 6MT for very cheap, and can do the actual hard parts swap locally without much trouble. So that's the good news. Bad news is the 3rd gear synchro is shot. I searched around but couldn't find evidence of anyone replacing a damaged synchro on these ZF boxes. It seems fairly straightforward intuitively but I plead relative ignorance on the subject. Has anyone successfully done it? Any impediments you all can think of? I'd be happy to just take the thing to AAMCO if it's straightforward. If it's going to cost the price of a donor transmission then obviously that wouldn't make sense. Here's my (hopeful) price breakdown. Most of these prices I know are doable. 6MT - $200 Synchro+Labor - ?? Clutch+FW - $1,000 Misc. Electronics + parts + fluid - $400 Curious to see what ya'll think about the synchro. Otherwise, i'm going to start ordering parts this week! Thanks in advance.
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  • Chris@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    08-23-2016, 05:18 PM
    With all the interest in DI only for the N54 lately we went back to work on a control scheme Tony had been thinking about for a while now. He finally got it up and running today. The control system we're currently developing allows full control of the secondary HPFP (stock location) with the shotgun double barrel set up as the primary pump. This means the belt driven pump is doing all the work during normal driving, cruise, etc, when you want more fuel for big boost the controller simply turns the pump on to supply that needed fuel based on your Boost / RPM table, bring fuel in as slowly or as quickly as you want. This also means if you go into a misfire and DI cuts fuel, all fuel is cut, even though the second pump does not see the DI cut, the extra fuel is only being supplied to the rail, once the injector is shut down no more fuel will be injected into the cylinder. This solves all the current concerns with PI caused engine failures, backfires etc. We will of course do more testing on the dyno and the street before we release this into the wild, but it does mean we made a very large step forward today. Check the vid below.
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  • jyamona@motiv's Avatar
    08-09-2016, 02:50 PM
    jyamona@motiv started a thread Bank 1 / 2 Tables in N54
    Hey guys, how often (if ever) have you actually tuned Fuel (Bank 1 / 2) or Fuel Scalar (Bank 1 / 2) differently? I know I always just copy / paste my bank 1 changes into the bank 2 table. I would like to do a small logic mod for MHD to just use the bank 1 table of each to free up some table space. This would be part of a bigger cleanup like ditching Load to Torque Limit 2 and 3 (not even used, as they are for 3 different fueling modes: homo, strat, and h+s). All in all, gives more space for new tables and cool features ;)
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  •'s Avatar
    08-05-2016, 02:12 PM
    WHP Level supported (with proper fuel, upgrades, and tuning) Stock-650WHP ORDER LINK We are proud to introduce the latest in our line of N54 turbocharger products the VTT "GC LITE"turbochargers. This is a new N54 turbocharger from the ground up, using 100% new parts throughout. Taking a page from our wildly successful GC line of N54 turbos we now off the "GC LITE". This turbocharges uses a high flow 9 blade TD04L turbine coupled with a 16T billet compressor wheel for flow capability of 700WHP. This allows spool faster than anything else on the market, rivaling the spool of stock N54 turbochargers, and comes with massive power potential. If the ultimate driveability is what you are after, without sacrificing top end power. The " GC LITES" are the upgrade for you! Some of the ground breaking features are fully new turbocharger from the compressor housing, to the bearing housing, to the turbine housing, we had them engineered to fit in the stock N54 location, but provide the full flow of a much larger turbo. Every part on these turbos were designed around our specific goals for power, flow, and reliability. What we ended up with is a turbocharger, that can utilize the stock location while providing enough flow for 700WHP. To do this we increase the area inside not only the manifolds, but also the turbine, and compressor housings, we also slightly increase AR ratio on the turbine housing to free up even more flow, while not giving up anything in spool. To put it bluntly, there is no other 700WHP capable turbocharger option on the market single or twins that can match the spool, ease of fitment, power or reliability of our "GC LITE" turbochargers! Upgraded thrust: Every set of stage GC turbos comes with a performance upgraded thrust to extend the life of the turbochargers. Billet Compressor wheels: 16T Billet compressor wheels are used to maximize flow per shaft revolution Turbine housing is cast from 22+NB Stainless steel VTT Inlet, AN/OR Charge pipe bundle. The GC turbochargers work perfectly with our very own VTT 2" inlets, and VTT silicone HOT SIDE charge pipe, and were designed to be used with these pieces. If you already have inlets, or want to use another inlet brand that is not problem, simply do not add them to the drop down. These turbochargers will only work with our silicone charge pipes currently, if you have already purchased one for you stock frame turbos, it can be reused on these if you remove the adapters, simply remove the charge pipe from the options as well for another $100 in savings. (Please note, if you remove these options, and do not have these items, you will not be able to install the turbos, as the stock inlets, or charge pipe will not fit the new turbos. We also offer 2000 degrees ceramic coating for the ultimate it under hood heat reduction, and to help aid in spool! Please choose from the options if you want your turbo coated!
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  • ms335i's Avatar
    08-14-2016, 09:14 AM
    Hi guys, I just threw on a single turbo kit on my car and currently only have cobb. I am in the process of getting mhd and jb4. I need some help getting it running on cobb, just enough so I could drive it before I get a better tuning method. Here is a log of map 0 on cobb (barely half throttle and to only 3k rpm because my exhaust was rattling against something).
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  • fastgti's Avatar
    08-16-2016, 03:17 AM
    *RESOLVED* DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR TO AJE HOTI (EMP TUNING) if you value your money or vehicle. He is a scam artist and a very smooth talker. EMP Tuning is not licensed or insured and the work is done in his driveway. If something happens to your vehicle or you pay for work and he does not complete it he will block you on social media and you will take a loss as I did. I paid Aje $600 for a devils own direct port methanol injection kit $300 for installation, $150 for a thermostat installation he was not able to complete due to lack of tools. He also had a brand new forge diverter valve of mine that cost $210 he was going to sell for me due to the fact he had me purchase a part that did not work with my turbo. Our friendship diminished and I asked for my belongings and money he owes me so we can go our separate ways. Aje told me he did not owe me anything and blocked my phone number and on social media. I received only the meth kit and my vag-com i had lent him via a 3rd party and it was opened, with bags torn open inside and missing over 100 dollars of parts to make it port injection. He has made no attempt to pay me the money I had given him for work in good faith and claims everything was complete in the methanol kit. This is a person i have went above and beyond for. I have given free mounting and balancing, tires at cost, free alignment, i even let him use my $899 professional vag-com kit for 10 months when he wanted to start tuning cars and i never even asked for a dime. If he would do this to me for all i've done to him imagine what he could do to you. I had recently seen a post on his EMP TUNING facebook page about a port injection meth kit he installed on a similar engine. Now i know why my meth kit was incomplete and why he would not meet me in person to give it to me. He took my parts and sold them to another person. I waited a couple weeks and sent him a text via texting app to see when he could start paying me back and did not even receive a reply. Please take your vehicle to a licensed, insured and trusted shop not an unlicensed backyard mechanic that does mediocre work at best. I would hate to see anyone in the situation i am in.
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  • newb335guy's Avatar
    08-14-2016, 10:55 AM
    Met up with like 20 other enthusiasts 6 or so GTRs oddly none of them ever raced they just stayed in the pack getting on it periodically, A ZO6 C7, a multitude of tuned M5s a M6 and quite a few others. Car ran great I stayed on map 7 at 28 psi. I got to go up against a tuned Hellcat with an exhaust on race gas it sounded so amazing. We went at it 3 times, all easy wins since I was new to the roll races I would let them get the hit and go so I started maybe 2 car lengths behind each time and would just motor by putting a bus plus on him before shutting down. Raced an RS7 that traps 10.6-10.7 in the 1/4, the hellcat also lined up so we were 3 wide I didn't know they started until they jumped so I started behind ran them down they were both amazed at how I blew passed them. After we met up again at a designated area, they both came running up saying wtf did you do to that thing its a monster you went passed us two like we were standing still at 130 and was peace out. Last race was against a 2016 M5 mods were intake exhaust tuned by MSR, on MS109 race gas he said that him and the ZO6 C7 were tight races but I never really saw how they did but they seemed close on all their pulls. This race against the M5 was the only race I brake boosted on. I had about 5 psi built up when we he honked it off it wasn't even a race I was busses ahead of him before you could say don't do it, he called me on my cell immediately after amazed at what a sleeper I had total monster said he had nothing for me at all. I raced a couple of other 2015-16 M5s I think they were stock cause it was not much to allow them the hit and run them down quickly and just keep going. To give an idea of most of my runs that I did I would stay in gear that would put me at 4k and I would go after giving them the hit so most of my races were chases till 100 or so then I would blow by. Totally amazed at the DOC Race setup with the 6266 turbo it is just beast mode, I knew the car was fast but its hard to judge when just logging 3rd gear to 4th gear pulls. Its not till you get out and really let her stretch her legs that you find out how quickly it will bury the needle on the speedometer and make other cars look slow.
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  • TwistedTuning's Avatar
    08-24-2016, 10:23 AM
    DISCLAIMER: yes I know there were a couple people working on ECUflash. But i'm tired of Tunerpro Little side stuff i've been working on in my very scarce spare time. I do ECU calibrations and developing across quite a few platforms outside the N54 platform. Never really been one to focus on just one aspect of knowledge. So I have many different tools that I need and use to get work done across platforms. I'm Sure we can all agree that TunerPro works, but is far from an IDEAL solution in terms of ECU BIN editing. The breakpoints tables and many other things have always annoyed me. As i've used TunerPro on other platforms (Audi, Volvo and etc. to name a couple). Anyway, decided to convert the Tunerpro XDF's into a more usable XML which is more common file extension in the software world. Big thanks to jyamona@motiv and whomever else had a hand in the creating the current XDF's that we all use. Software i Use for this i use for Mitsubishi and Subaru Tuning mainly. Just a couple advantages of this software are: -on table axis editing -full built-in hex editor (not many will use it or know how to use it) -far better definition file management and editing -better table viewing UI -better table grouping management For those who wish to use this software its available through me for BIN editing and etc. which was not available for BMW prior. Yes, unfortunately the Software has a fee. I already had it but at a higher cost. But what you get for the $70 fee is more than the free Ecuflash/TunerPro can offer. NOTE- I am not making anything on the purchase of the software. All the needed XML's for the software are free from me. as they are different than EcuFlash. So all you're paying for is the Software. The XML's will be free and readily available for download just as the XDF's for tunerpro. This project was soley for me to use for my services, but figured after seeing the threads about ECUFlash that I wasn't the only one wanting a better interface for BMW stuff. You by no means have to use what I use, I'm Just offering it. If interested in using it, just PM or Email me. Email preferred. I8A0S XML is fully completed, IJE0S is almost done, then i will do the other two ROM ID's for use with this as well. SCREENSHOTS: I8A0S Stock BIN
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  • Jason@PropulsiveDynamics's Avatar
    08-04-2016, 10:03 AM
    All, I’m extremely excited to be a supporting vendor on the Boosted Performance Network. I’d like to formally introduce myself to the community and give you some information on my background…. My name is Jason Godwin. I have a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Auburn University in Auburn, AL, which is ranked among the top 50 ABET accredited engineering universities in the nation. I have spent the last 15 years of my engineering career in the Automotive Engineering and Manufacturing Industry working for some of largest automotive OEMs on the planet. I started my automotive career with Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama in Montgomery, AL where I played an integral role in launching their $1.2 billion vehicle manufacturing and assembly plant. At the time, that plant was the most technologically advanced manufacturing facility in the world. There have been a few documentaries made on it that highlight the advanced automation level that is employed there. From there, I took a position with Toyota Motor Engineering and Manufacturing in Huntsville, AL as a cylinder head and cam shaft machining production engineer. During my 10 year career with Toyota, I was fortunate enough to work on several large scale global powertrain projects that had budgets in the $100 million range. As a result of my leadership and success on these projects, I was ultimately promoted to Engineering Assistant manager where I led a team of 6 engineers and several interns for several years launching and supporting various other engine projects. Also of note, I won the ASME's (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Mechanical Engineer of the Year Award in 2010 for an automation project I designed and implemented for Toyota, which was a huge honor. After Toyota, I took a position with Nissan USA as a Senior Powertrain Engineer in the New Model Engineering Department, where I am currently working on a $32 million project developing new engine technology that will ultimately be applied in various turbo-charged vehicle platforms. Over the years, I have traveled to Japan over a dozen times participating in numerous simultaneous engineering activities at Toyota and Nissan Technical Centers. These activities bring powertrain design and manufacturing engineering teams together to collaborate on optimizing the design not only for functionality but for the manufacturing process as well. During these activities, I was exposed to highly advanced design and manufacturing techniques that have not only helped me advance through my professional automotive engineering career but is also helping me launch this new endeavor that is currently under way with Propulsive Dynamics. As owner of Propulsive Dynamics, I rely heavily, not only on what I have learned over the years from a technical stand-point, but also on my ability to lead and network to bring you the best products possible, using the best materials available. I have a universe of professional contacts that will and are currently helping me develop solutions to whatever problems I need consulting on. As an engineer, it is extremely important to use all resources available, efficiently and effectively, to achieve a goal and that’s exactly what my pedigree is in. Toyota and Nissan wrote the book on this and it has been engrained into my DNA. Sometimes it’s not about what you know, but who you know. On a personal note, my wife is an electrical engineer that currently works for a government weapons contractor where she writes flight trajectory and target acquisition software for heat-seeking missile applications. She also plays a significant role in the operation of Propulsive Dynamics as well. We are both avid CrossFitters and are extremely active athletes. In conclusion, I look forward to providing this platform with performance upgrades that are second to none in quality and workmanship. Sticky will be making a post later today regarding the need for 3 Beta testers for the 6HP21 transmission upgrade we have been working on over the last year. Stay tuned. Good things are on the horizon and I am extremely excited to be a part of it. Thanks for taking the time to read this. -Jason Propulsive Dynamics, LLC
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  • Chris@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    08-06-2016, 09:54 PM
    Lots going on at VPG lately. We have the GC giveaway that will be wrapping up soon, some awesome behind the scenes testing going on, and today I'm very excited to do an intro post about our next turbo release, the GC lites. The Scoop: The GC lites are a smaller version of the standard GC Turbos. Designed as a step between Stage 1's and our normal GC's, they're targeted at people looking in the vicinity of 600 whp, but are capable of 650 whp on a max effort tune. They spool exceptionally fast -nearly 500 rpm faster than normal GC's, which already out spool anything comparable. Some specs below: -TD04L-16T units -Fully Cast -100% Modular (swap to GC's or soon to be coming GC+'s if you want more power by popping off a V-band and remove/reinstall oil/coolant lines) -Spool similar to stock turbos! -650 whp capable -Estimated ~500 whp capable on 93 octane -Retail price will be $2999 (no core charge) Hardware Pictures: Initial Results: We first put them on the built-motor 6MT car but some engine issues that presented as a boost leak in the top of the RPM band precluded us from completing testing. Some of you may have seen Tony post the Instagram shots of spool and torque (this is targeting 30 psi). It's still great info since the 6MT shows torque better as compared to the auto. 6MT torque profile 300 wtq by 1900 rpm 400 wtq by 2400 rpm 500 wtq by 2800 rpm 600 wtq by 3200 rpm 700 wtq by 4000 rpm We ended up getting 623 whp and 706 wtq on ~30 psi tapering to ~24. We ended up pulling the turbos off and putting them on the blue car (stock motor, auto, FBO, Docrace PI intake manifold) and got the results posted below. Final Results: We ended up getting 645 whp and 636 wtq on ~30 psi tapering to ~28. Timing was 12 degrees. Fuel was E85. You all know the specs of the blue car (FBO obviously, with the doc race PI intake manifold). This is leaning on them pretty hard, but it shows a max-effort tune capability. Below I have some pertinent comparisons you all may find interesting. GC Lites vs. GC's on a max-effort tune: Log snap shot of that tune: Here is a comparison of the GC's to the GC lites on the 6AT car with the same tune; everything the same except swapped turbos. No tune change. Here is a comparison of the GC lites to VTT Stage 2's. This chart compares the GC lites to the best performing Stage 2+'s; the Stage 2+ EK's. BQ Tuning just hit 503 whp on his Z4 on stock turbos and was kind enough to send me his dyno chart for comparison purposes (thank you Dimitri!). We started the dyno earlier than Dimitri did but this is a great comparsion showing just how awesome the spool is on the GC lites. Finally, here is a chart comparing spool on the GC lites to a competitor. To be sure they make more power up top but look at the spool difference. It's not even on the same planet. Want to keep talking about spool? Sounds good to us. Check these street logs out: GC Lites vs. GC's: Which should you pick up? Basically the lites will comfortably do 600+ whp, but you're running them max effort to hit 650 whp. If you really want something closer to 650, just get the GC's. If you want ridiculous spool and in the vicinity of 600 is enough, get the GC lites, save yourself some cash and grin like an idiot when you realize how fast these spool and how much fun a quick spooling vehicle is. Additional Info: Price is $2999 with an option to add an inlet or charge pipe for $100 ea ($200 gets you both, also remember these need the charge pipe; OEM charge pipe won't work). Expected shipping of the first batch of lites is within 4 weeks. If interested, send an email to or More VPG Stuff: -By early 4th quarter, we'll be offering GC+'s, which are intended to be 800 whp capable version of the GC's. These will be compatible with the manifolds of all other GC family; we'll offer a trade-in price, simply unbolt the v-band and lines, swap them out and reconnect. Tony swapped normal GC's to GC lites in 3 hours on the shop car (5-6 hours for someone with less experience). -Ball bearing options for all GC versions are currently under development. Assuming successful test completion, that will be an option early 4th quarter. A few notes about the ball bearing variants; BB does NOT increase power, nor does it effect spool much at all; they add longevity and transient response. We'll be updating our findings as we continue to innovate.
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  • neuroclast's Avatar
    07-31-2016, 03:06 PM
    neuroclast started a thread More N54 carnage... in N54
    My #1 rod bent and broke causing catastrophic failure. This oddly happened while cruising, not while under boost. Car was making ~650rwhp with a Doc Race kit and meth. Engine had about 120k miles on it. You can see where the part of the rod which was still attached to the crank chewed a large circle into the block. I didn't see any signs of problems before it went, and other than some slight timing drops while under WOT PTF did not note any issues. They have been MIA for a few months though, so who knows what changed. Funny thing is the engine will still run. Not well, but enough to drive it around if needed. I was able to start it and drive across 4 lanes on the interstate to get to a safe shoulder. N54 :handgestures-thumb:.
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  • fairbird's Avatar
    08-14-2016, 08:34 PM
    Few wins from last week 1320 video event , races 40 – 130 ish Lambo stock 640 hp GTR FBO E85 GT500 tuned , race gas 911 LS3 + NOS Black 335 FBO Blue 335 750 rwhp E63 pump gas 730 ish AWHP
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  • Terry@BMS's Avatar
    08-07-2016, 10:57 PM
    Hey guys, A local customer dropped off a 2013 X6M for us to play with. These are equipped with the S63 twin turbo V8 motor, which makes a lot less power than the latest 2015+ S63tu X5M/X6M/M5/M6 motor. We currently offer the Stage1 system for the S63 which adds a static 3-4psi across the board with no user adjustment or logging. While it wakes the car up there is plenty more power left on the table with a more advanced JB4 tune running the wastegates directly, CANbus, etc. After some digging it appears the DME is an MSD85 and it uses the standard E series KOMBI (dash) module, so everything is setup up for a nice JB4 system with full in dash controls, map switching, in dash boost gauge, etc. The only holdup is I'm not sure much demand for an S63 JB4 there is. If demand is soft it's not really worth the effort to develop a new system for it. But if there are maybe 20 people who would be interested then I could see it making sense to do. Retail price would be in the $999 range similar to the S63tu JB4, and we would also offer an upgrade kit for those already running our S63 Stage1. Anyway spread the word and let me know what interest looks like for it.
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    08-01-2016, 11:45 AM
    I was having a stalling and low battery issue the other day but I put a new battery and that issue seems solved but now I have a new one, fml.. I have consistently been hitting around 16-17psi with my 335i, FBO (minus FMIC) on the MHD Stage 1 93 octane tune for the past few months, but now it seems to max out on 14psi and as I get up around 6k rpms it's dropped as low as 9psi.. If it was a vacuum issue or boost issue wouldn't I throw a 30FF..?? I'm not throwing any codes for it, just shows up on logs that I'm not hitting boost as I was in the recent months.. Anyone care to check out my log and see if they can assist me in finding the culprit, or at least where to check first.. Thanks!
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    08-02-2016, 05:45 PM
    AWSAWS started a thread Ways to measure power in N54
    Hi guys, I was just wondering about dynos which measure actual force produced at the wheels and the load parameter reported by the DME. From what I understand load is calculated\estimated from boost pressure, intake temps and expected air flow. So how accurately could that figure be used to measure how much power various blends of fuel are producing power rather than going to the dyno? Is it possible to compare one flash tune to another setup differently? i.e. A pump tune with an E85 tune? If for example testing meth injection with 93 octane vs meth injection with 93 octane at 40% ethanol (E40).
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    08-24-2016, 05:00 AM
    Nice runs here featuring a stock Porsche 991.1 Turbo S and an E90 335i N54 with upgraded turbochargers courtesy of the Pure Turbos Stage 2 package. As a reminder, the Porsche has a PDK (dual clutch) transmission and makes 550 horsepower. It also weighs just over 3500 pounds. This 335i is said to weigh in the 33XX range meaning some weight loss measures are employed. To give you an idea of what the 991.1 Turbo S can do it runs high 10's in the upper 120's in the 1/4 mile. Now, in the first run the 335i gives the 911 Turbo a beatdown but it looks like the driver was sleeping or in the wrong gear. The second run is much better and basically door to door with the Turbo edging slightly. Good runs. Automatic 335i - Pure Stage 2 turbos, FBO Inlets+outlet, JB4 19psi (map7) and race gas. (3340lbs)
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    08-06-2016, 04:53 PM
    1st, I do realize the procede is "obsolete", but the car was built a few years back..BUT I'm looking for guidance anyways. Here's the scenario Here's my setup: -2008 n54 335i -FBO no outlets or inlets -procede REV3 (yes dinosaur parts, I built her 3 years ago) lol -open flash tablet backend (procedeflash) -DCI -ETS 7" FMIC -forge DVs -Vishnu charge pipe -Vishnu/FFTEC flex fuel conversion kit w/ethanol sensor, I do run full e85 sometimes. -Vishnu/FFTEC LPFP (walbro 450) inline with OEM LPFP -AR catless downpipes -cat back -stock turbos my stock turbos are on their way out. I plan on running VTT GC LITES with VTT inlets and outlets. Let's assume I'd like to run a bit higher boost, how do I change that in the procede and what would be a "safe" number? I'm assuming if have to use a 3.5 or 4 bar TMAP sensor with BMS adapter. so is it just plug and play once I change the boost? Do I just change my target boost?? I'd appreciate any help, asides someone saying "MHD" or something similar. There's gotta be some guys on here that ran procede in the past or maybe still do run the procede.
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    08-24-2016, 04:39 PM
    VRSF: We finally finished up production on our race intercooler and after extensive testing on some incredibly fast cars we're finally ready to offer a pre-order for our new 7.5" stepped race intercooler. The new ultra high density intercooler is 134% larger than the OEM intercooler @ a total of 1080 cubic inches & it's rated for over 1000whp. This is the best solution for any customer running upgraded turbos who is looking for an incredibly efficient intercooler at a reasonable cost without sacrificing quality. We're expecting these to arrive in stock within the next 4 weeks and will be offering introductory pricing directly on our website. Results: We've had a few beta testers in the 650whp+ report fantastic results with 3rd gear pulls (22-30 psi) averaging a 0-1 degree rise, 4th gear pulls in the same boost range are 3-4 degrees. 2-4 gear pulls are showing no IAT increase from 2nd through 3rd with a 7 degree overall rise into 4th. Below is an example of a car running more boost (35 psi) at a much higher HP level (790whp) showing a rise of 11 degree rise in 4th gear. This car also noticed a significantly lower overall pressure drop due to the increased flow of the much larger core. Eye Candy:
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    08-15-2016, 02:28 PM
    Over 600 wheel horsepower on pump? Without port fuel injection? Without methanol? Now that sounds pretty nice, doesn't it? That is exactly what you have here with this F80 M3 that is flash tuned by Eurocharged Canada. Yes, it is also running a BMS JB4 tune in conjunction with the flash. On straight 93 octane pump gas without any supplemental fuel or port injection the F80 M3 makes 611 to the tires with 645 lb-ft of torque. That is every day power you can enjoy. F80 M3 PURE Stage 2 93 pump only without meth or PI Flash + JB4 tuned Dyno overlaid with stock baseline
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    08-10-2016, 07:37 PM
    N54 DIRECT BOLT IN HEAD STUDS - PERFECT FITMENT MMP has the head studs you need for your engine build. These are ARP 2000 material (200,000 psi tensile strength). These studs don't require machining the block, modifying your head gasket, or running "thick" washers. These are direct bolt in and perfect fitment to the N54. These are also full shank studs, not undercut. $399 MMP also has main studs for the N54 direct bolt in, require zero medication to oil pump or anything and fit perfectly with the oil pan. Even though we have them I don't really recommend them as they will distort the main journals therefore requiring align honing on the main journals which is no easy task on the N54 due to different size journals on the mains. Stock main bolts are metric grade 10.9 which is about 151,000psi tensile strength, plenty strong for high power N54 engines. ARP main studs are truly just for those going for crazy power on the N54 and will cost you more in engine machine work and headaches with fitting bearings. $299 Some Built engine teasers not ready for production or sale yet but just putting this out there as almost there STAND ALONE CLOSED DECK BLOCKS we are almost done with our first closed deck block and once complete I will post pictures. Nothing special looks like the other ones you seen. What is special is that we will offer this product and service to anyone stand alone. You doing your own built motor and want a closed deck? send us the block and we will CNC machine the engine block to key in the insert with designed press fit and install the closed deck insert and ship back to you. I was surprised to find out the other closed deck engine builders won't offer this alone for your block, well that changes soon �� $1500 no pics yet but will post when I have them. More coming including: Turnkey built block with JE forged Pistons - $4500 (stock or custom compression ratio) add on Carillo Forged Rods with high strength rod bolts +$1800 Add on ARP 2000 head studs +$400 add on closed deck +$1300 Darton sleeved blocks (block only modified if desired, can couple with closed deck or anything else you want) - $TBD Generaly these prices are $1500-$2000 less for any level of built motor than what is currently on the market for the N54. Some will hate on me but I'm just doing my best to bring options and competition to the table :) some more extras available for the hardcore guys :) WPC low friction high endurance bearing surface treatment for rods and mains $350 low friction coating on piston skirts and 2500F rated high temp coating on dome $65/piston high performance oil shedding coating (used in racing series cars) can be applied on cranks, rods, oil windage plates, etc. quoted on case by case basis. This basically adds horsepower by super shedding oil and reducing drag inside the engine. ALSO HEAD WORK IS AVAIABLE. Full port and polish Before Pics of valve bowls After pics of valve bowls this port and polish is done by hand and takes a long time. I much rather prefer this than the CNC porting as the CNC porting leaves a bunch of ridges from the tooling where as this is very smooth and much better for flow. Just my preference, but I like old school way of doing heads �� Head has been flow bench tested and results will be posted of improvements from porting and polishing later �� Valve job includes new exhaust and intake valve guide seal, cleaning, checking for tolerances and rebuild of valves and springs into head. Also includes decking flat the head. $1500 Ferrea valve train can also be done. I think this is overkill as the stock valves and springs are very good especially at the max RPMs N54s currently run at, but if you want it we can do it for you. +$2000 for full Ferrea valve train. if interested in any of this stuff, send me an email at and let me know how I can help you in your build. Don't PM me here as I don't check them often.
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